How do I do it thread


Thanks, I knew I had read something in the manual, but simply couldn’t find it.
I looked in Global section and a bit at the beginning.
Do we know whether it is worth converting before import.
Is it 44.1 mono they need to be at ?
I need a batch converter, I use Wave Editor for mac which is now Triumph, but I don’t think either has batch, and Audiofile’s manager is overkill for the small amount of times i need to do that.



I’m trying to get around the sidechain possibilities of the compressor. Is it possible to use the internal BD as sidechain signal, without having to route it from BD individual out back to the external input? Or is it only possible to use the external inputs as sidechain signal? If so, it would not be possible to use sidechaining AND an external synth to be affected by the compressor, right?


hi, the compressor has no key input, the sidechain is triggered by the whole of the signal, you can only set the prefiltering of the signal with the lpf hpf hit and i think there is one more setting… you could use the lfo or p locks for some in depth programming, but that can only emulate sidechain and can be a bother for non repetitive material… and mostly unusable with a live rhythm input…


Thanks for the clarification, mkdsl. I tried to achieve a bumping sidechaining effect for testing, but it seems when the effect kicks in, the BD itself is being sidechained too… Especially when using the BT as deep bassline. Any tips for a good setting for this? I tried medium-fast attack, long release, max ratio and LPF sidchain-eq.


Is there any way to change the same parameter of all tracks at once? For example the filter or amp overdrive.


you remember the sound of a ruler drawn over the school tables edge?

put a sample to (short ) loop

put LFO on sample tune, RAMP wave, lfo trig mode half

there you go, sounds like speeding up (or down )

nice with different loop settings


that’s funny… you can make video game sounds out of the
waterdrop sample when changing start and endpoints while playing



how can i trig lfo to tune in sync with retrigger? i tried disabling lfo on trig page and enabling it with parameter lock with no immediate noticeable result. the best result at all is affecting the track as a whole and not just the trig and the length of it. id like to config retrig on some steps and alter the pitch/tune with lfo at every retrig, but i cant set up the lfo start and run in sync with the retrig :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did this setting ever appear? (Pad sensitivity adjustment)


Agreed…when i use my AR2 i have to strap hammer heads to my fingers, and put a sound dampening pad under the AR…respect to my neighbours that live below. :slight_smile: