How can I verify if my Monomachine has a + drive?

I recently bought a MonoMachine from eBay, and the seller told me the unit had the ±drive. How can I quickly verify this?

Thank you


Just go into the Global menu and you should see an option for the +drive in there.

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Hit Function + Global to get to Global Menu.

Select any Slot with Enter.

Select File section.

“+Drive Snapshots Digibanks” are on bottom right.

(Also, mine says SFX60+ MKII on boot up - the “+” may indicate the +Drive.)

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Yep! This thing is just an MK1. I was so excited when buying it, because it would have been a pretty good deal

Be sure you did check the menu’s for the +Drive options. Even if it just says SFX-60 and not SFX-60+, the +Drive could have been added afterward. I am not sure if Elektron changes the faceplate when they do the upgrade.


I just got my MnM SF60 MKII off Ebay but it was not a +Drive version. For some reason I thought all the MKII had +drives because of the way Elektron has it worded on their website “The Monomachine comes equipped with a +Drive…”. I should have done my research and realized that the ones not marked SFX60+ do not come equipped. I feel a bit dumb, but all things in life positive and negative are lessons! It’s still a great machine that sounds insane.

This is fine for me for now since I’m only just learning the MnM. I can deal with the single snapshot, limited kits and digipro waveforms etc FOR NOW.

I feel eventually I will want to upgrade and I noticed there is an option to contact Elektron support and get info about the process. Does anyone have any experience with this ? How much approx does it cost and do you have to pay to ship your machine to Elektron ?

-Walter (ooo)

Approximately 400 bucks is the cost for this :confused:

This was from a while ago, hoped it helped. I ended up returning mine(it ended up being an MK 1) but thanks to the seller saying it had the plus drive, that was all I needed to get a full refund :slight_smile:

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I also purchased a monomachine that was advertised as +Drive or SFX60+
The seller held onto the unit for me for about 2 weeks while I was out of town.

And the person was familiar with my work online, which was weird (Austin Texas though)

The person was so kind, also selling it for the honest price of a non-plus drive anyways (850$) that I saw it wasn’t a +Drive and either knew better than them, or I was still happy with how kind the person was for holding it.

I have hit the limits of patterns and shit on the monomachine - and it would be nice to have a plus-drive - but snapshot loading is turn-based anyways so the technical demands of ‘having it all’ will hit a wall somewhere either way.

I’m thankful I have an out-of-print box still.

cheers yall and much love

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