How are Elektron products made?

I think that would be very interesting to see the design process of those machines, as well as the manufacturing process. I know that they’re made in Sweden, but are they assembled by hands, by machines ? Is it a small team, or a big one ? Are there any video related to this ? Thanks !


I’m sure that they’re assembled by hand, the boards must be populated by pick and place equipment of course and machine-soldered. I know M4L has been used as a prototyping tool for certain Elektron machines during the early design stages. That’s all I’ve got!


There’s a couple of pics inside the factory and a little explanation (meaning a brief mention) of how they’re built here:


inspection is done by robot at least (automated optical inspection), since at least April 2018


There was a SAP promo video which showed a bit of assembling which I found quite interesting (besides the SAP-blabla)

Thought it was longer… might be another version

This morning I had a similar thought: I would love to know how Elektron works on new features / bugfixes - how they prioritize them - how many people are working on them (Monday Digitakt, Tuesday Digitone … or 8-12am DT 1-6 pm DN on mondays, tuesdays for Model series… or one guy DN one guy DT? etc.)


nice find!

some screen grabs from the video:


I found this interview with Ess talking about the time he worked for Elektron support and also designing the UI and other stuff for Digitakt and Digitone, as well as Model Samples. Quite interesting !


A bit old but still relevant.

I love how at the end of the video he says that their digital machines machines feel like analog ones (the way you play and feel them at least) and that they’re looking at new and existing technologies. The next month after the video the first Analog came out (A4 mk1) !


Very interesting questions answered by Ess, about how decisions are made, design, hardware and lot of stuff.

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