HoneyPoney— Some tracks and videos clips!

Well, after resolving some problems with the audio, I have the pleasure to present you
our new video with my band HoneyPoney, kind of post electro pop or something.
We took some friends, a camera, nice space and lots of motivation to record a videoclip for our song I’m not dead…so, why not to post it today!?

I’m proud of the resulting cause with no means, we can do a lot, beaucoup!, like they says, there where I live…

I used almost black “old” trinity, a little of OP-1 and and high Heat flavor, among some plugins mostly for vocals and kind of mastering…

Hope you like! Any comment welcome!


Ha that looks like a lot of fun, great track!

Glad you liked, Erwinn! Thanks for listening!:+1:
Indeed, it was a lot of fun, but also exhausting at the end of the day…

I watched a few videos of yours, since I like the one above.
I really love your sound, hope you manage to play in Rennes one day :wink:
I don’t go to Brussels very much now. Still love the city though…

Wish you all the best !
The video was amazing !!

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Merci @LyingDalai for this kindful words!
Happy you appreciate it!
I hope one day will be able to organise a kind of tournée in France,
It’s not easy to be booked when you are not someone known…and you are not
doing commercial music…

Hi! So let me share with you people our new video from Honeyponey project. Like always, OT, RYTM, Analog4 and Ableton mixing. And like always the video its completely self produced, some friends and a camera…And a lot of fun…and work. Feedback welcome! :sweat_smile:


I like the track, great stuff :thup: but have to say the video work is awesome! It does look like a lot of fun, but also quite a lot of work!

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It was recorded in two frenetic days, a weekend. And it was very cold here in Belgium, and no heat in the locals were we work… :grimacing:
Thanks for listening!


Let me introduce you our new videoclip! “Childhood” from HoneyPoney!

Someone told us that to do things fine and for a commercial aim it would be good to make a 3 minute song-videoclip…we answer with an almost 9 minutes video… too long?..maybe…so, i must to think that it would not be very commercial…but, who cares…I would say…:sweat_smile:

As always limited budget but a lot off energy and devotion…thanks to all people that helped to make it possible…

Music was created on OT, A4 and RYTM, with the help of Heat and other little stuff… Ableton for the mixing and mastering( done by myself, so be indulgent…)

If somebody can tell me which kind of style it is, it would help me when selling the band for concerts…:jack_o_lantern:

If somebody can tell me which kind of style it is, it would help me when selling the band for concerts…

As I thought, not easy to answer…

Why we need to categorize music?

I posted some on other post, but i thought maybe better to have all together, with the new one…This are small projet inside our HoneyPoney project, just trying to make a small monthly videoclip with the improv of the moment…it’s nice because you can work with new ways not fully explored on the “big” project, as cassettes, other synths, composition…

On this one Erebus, OP-1 and digitone were used, recorded on a yamaha MT4x, and then added vocals and some mix…recording on Ableton from cassette I learned that the tempo-bpm- it’s not really respected… :wink:

Hope you enjoy!
Thanks for listening!

Hi people!
We share proudly our last production, hope you like!
In this track I mostly used digitakt and digitone.
As always, auto production, motivation, friends and lots of work… :wink:
The lyrics are on “brusseleir”, old language of Brussels…

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Great (if a little disturbing!) video as always :black_heart:

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yes, i know…but we always do disturbing things…:roll_eyes:
We(artists?…) need to talk about disturbing facts.
I like you liked it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi !!
I just posted our new monthly video with some improvisations and jams. Just Rytm and A4 this time as sound providers…some sexy vocals…some kp3…and some takes and editing on erotic vids from 20’s…
Here you have it! BLISS!

Happy new year to everyone!

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Hi, it’s now a month later, so we made a new video music proposal. We change habitudes, little more spoken word and almost no melody on this one. All digitakt and some ableton edits.

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So here the new monthly poetry clip from HoneyPoney. Some Erebus thru Digdugdiy Lofi Dreams pedal and a little H9. some RYTM power also…

Thanks for listening.

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The combination of electronics and breathy female vocals is always a great one :+1:

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You get it! Thanks Simon, my fellow listener!

This month is containment month for a lot of people…less poetry, more of a track…
I posted also in the 'what are you doing in quarantine" but I thought it belongs also here with the others… Hope you like it!
Les fleurs du mal:

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