Homemade 2 tier stand

Long time lurker, first time poster here.
I had a go at designing my own stand for 2 of my Mk1 machines, as I wasn’t too impressed with the available options.
Its 22mm oak.

I could have left less space between the modules, as I was concerned with volume conflicts with cables.
What you guys think?


Nice. Well done. :slight_smile:
How did you do holes for “cooling”?

I made that prototype but 3 Elektrons are too heavy for my back ! MD is too high, but it was modified from another prototype.
I think I’ll make a stand without screw, to change configurations when I want.

I modified a keyboard too. Not perfect.


Wow … dude! I love your Machinedrum! Really nice stands here!


Very nice!

Haven’t been here in some time.
A friend of mine is handy with woodwork and he milled the pieces based on my measurements.
Often I see custom cases and stands made without any regard for the cooling fins.
I figured if Elektron think its important, then I should too.

Cool designs you made too.
Blacked out MD looks pretty fly, but I could not bring myself to customize my classic :slight_smile:

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