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Just wondering what some of the nauts on here do for security…

I want a Battery Operated CCTV with local storage (like SD card) that also has a sensor light. Looking at the Ring one but don’t particularly like the thought of an Amazon company in my home… anyone know of any alternatives/alternative options - just for front of house?

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I’ve got 2 of these.

Can be battery powered and has local storage via microSD
Not sure what you mean by sensor light - but it does motion activation.

I don’t subscribe to any premium services so can’t comment on how good they are

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looks interesting for inside the home, just looked some more and found this one…

Arlo Pro 3 - which has a sensor floodlight, battery and totally wireless but looks pretty new so just looking to see if there are any reviews…


I put a curse on my studio equipment, that will cause The Tall Man to come visit whoever takes gear.




I installed UniFi Cameras in my house on all four entrances. Poe powered and records to an old beat box PC in my office. I also install them regularly for clients and have no complaints other then you have to enter your password in every time you open the IOS app. These cameras require cabling though so they may not fit everyones needs. Have a friend that uses Arlo and he has no complaints.

Excellent WiFi as well.

Driveway screenshot



I just use a Canary cam inside. Enough to make me feel safer or check on the home while I’m on vacation. They’re cheap too, but you may want something more advanced.

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I’m not overly happy with the security of wifi systems, as tech savvy burglars might be able to survey ones home if one is less tech savvy.

I’d love there to be accepted systems that hurt the burglars and put them out of action from doing other burglaries, but burglars have rights it seems. If you see a man sized mousetrap though, then let me know.


Big dog, best security you can get. Most burglars aren’t looking to attempt to kill a dog nor potentially lose an arm. More than anything though don’t be flaunty with gear and live in a busy area. They don’t break in on busy streets with dogs barking inside. Not to say it’s impossible but it’s a lot more likely they’ll just go somewhere else


I went for the best, I hired the Mac for the job.

“Keep the change you filthy animal”


The problem there is that it gets messy. If you have the right to hurt someone for breaking in with a trap then what’s the difference between capturing them in your house and hurting them yourself? How much are you allowed to hurt them? If that’s the case then what’s the point of court/justice system, you could just trap and torture them yourself till you feel better… see why that gets iffy?

Not to say I hope my dog bites a burglar if they break in, but a dog barking will stop 90% of people choosing to break in to that house out of all of the options


We have a big dog but we take her away with us too so I’d like to get an additional deterrent.

I’m sure it helps, having seen that criminals make lists of which houses have dogs and which ones don’t…

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We bought this apartment about 18 months ago and luckily the previous owner had invested in some heavy security. The front door is reinforced with bolts that go inside the door frames/walls and there’s a heavy duty security lock that I switch on everytime we leave the house for a longer period than a couple of hours. We also live on the top floor of an apartment building with no elevator. I’d like to see the burglar carrying my record collection or even my synths down six flights of stairs.

(I also have an old CCTV setup that I bought at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. It’s no use security-wise but we’ve used the night-vision thing as live visuals on our gigs.)


As someone who once spent around 15 years installing and maintaining security systems of all types all I can say is if they want it enough, they’ll get it. All you can do is make it harder; the longer it will take them the less appealing it is to the burglar. I’ve seen all sorts over the years and you’d be amazed the lengths some of them will go to if they think they can get away with it. Steel doors cut through with Stihl Saws, walls penetrated with all manner of vehicles… the list goes on.

I’m a few years behind the curve these days but monitored systems were always the most secure. The top of the tree would have been RedCare GSM signalling to an ARC but that costs money and isn’t infallible. Their USP was actively monitored telecom lines but the advent of GSM based speech diallers has got around that and it can be implemented for a couple of hundred quid all in without any ongoing monitoring costs.

Off site cctv recording/storage is deffo worth thinking about. I’ve been to more than one premise where the burglars have simply taken the DVR and/or drive caddy’s (and evidence) with them.

Never underestimate the power of deterrence. Decoy camera housings are cheap and really do work sometimes.


Would very much like to have another dog but now is not a good time. Until then, the heads of my enemies mounted on stakes in the front yard will have to do.


I have a two camera Arlo wireless setup and it’s pretty decent. Battery lasts a relatively long time (a month or two per camera) and it has some good automation features like setting up schedules and geolocation so it automatically enables when you leave the house or at night. It does have a “premium” subscription model but I’ve found that the free version is good enough.



These are great for the money. I haven’t tried the Outdoor model as they aren’t available until August, but the indoor, wired version work quite well. Wyze cam v2


+1 for wyze. affordable. works well. no BS. easy to use.

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another +1 for wyze. not sure if really security but sure do work surprisingly well and cheap!

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