HipHop made with ANY Elektron gear

What do you think about posting your hip hop and boombap beats made with any elektron gear in this thread ?

Just say which Elektron device is involved and post your beat here.

I begin with this quick beat I made this morning with Octatrack only.


Great idea! After getting the AR i’ve been kind of missing posting stuff in the hiphop made on the DT thread. This should bring it all together.

I see you’ve upgraded to the OT? The beat sound dope, I really like the cymbals on this one. Did you play the bassline yourself?

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I only have this one DT video with beats recorded few years ago.

Still doing hip hop beats quite often. Many of them sitting on my OT, I have to mix them and put them on an album. :upside_down_face:


About 12 years ago I thought it might be fun to try to get the Monomachine to rap :laughing: Not my usual style but fun to do:


MonoMC with dope flow

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I posted this in another thread but audio only. Here I threw together some footage I had of local Graffiti trains I recorded many years ago and didn’t do anything with the footage yet.

DT, DN & M:C involved.


really nice. Bouncing drums

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Some Digitone and Octatrack from last year:

(BTW, this is the poorer mix on an earlier version for YouTube. The Bandcamp one is better)


All Digitakt, but I don’t remember how I produced the sounds…experimenting, I guess…Then I recorded individually on Ableton and edited there.

Edit: Thanks @Craig for the help with the video embed!


tu aimes le paars


Liking the Flemish/French lyrics, have been talking to my wife a few months ago … we could do something like that and add some German and Greek in the mix, … like multilingual poems on a nice beat.

Lyrics are kind of “Love letter” from my girlfriend to his son…
And yes, try it! Mixing different languages while mixing different musical genres!

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Made on AR


Yeah, me too. I tried to follow what you made on the HipHop made with AR and still watching at the DT thread + now the OT thread… Too many different place, so yeah, let’s make a playlist here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the beat. Yep I upgraded to the OT and Iove more and more this machine. I understand why everybody are so in love with the OT :slight_smile:
The bassline is a sample, it’s not me playing but yep it’s an human playing.


My latest bap on the Octatrack:

@blaize great idea to have one thread instead of too many specialized ones. BTW, how did you get your drums to sound so crunchy?


Posted in the OT futurebeats thread but this seems like a great idea!

Lil boombap with OT and DN.

(seems preview is still weird…)

Also @blaize really digging the filter and SSR scenes with that beat! Nice!

Boombaps come in about 20 seconds in and the comb filter is wicked fun:


Very nice! Love the drums

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Crazy! Love the visuals as well!

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One I did for ski beatz’ beat contest last week!

Btw: my entire youtube channel is full of hiphop made on the AR and DT! Would love it you guys check it out and leave me some feedback! :heart:


I used Lofi effect and filter distortion and resample I guess. I should note what I did lol you can loose yourself so easy in resampling of resampling of resampling ^^


Your AR journey has been fun to watch! Keep at it :pray:

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