Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Nice beat, you sampling from vinyl ? Digging the drums


Nice one man. Added you on SoundCloud. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff!


Thanks guys! yeah this one is straight from vinyl (including the drums and vocal sample) but I often ‘cheat’ and just sample from youtube or spotify hahah.

Really loving the machine so far for the possibility to ‘slice’ using trig locks. One thing which would make it even better would be the possibility to zoom in on the waveform on the source page… Let’s hope for an update


First of all, thanks, this forum helped me a lot in the choice of the Digitakt.
So, first day and first hip hop lofi beat with this wonderful gear, digging only french tunes. 4 samples, Simple.


Who isn’t cheating these days, I add a vinyl crackle to my midi drums regularly like a big phony


Nice tracks, nice vibe @dustmotes… just subscribed to your channel. Would love to hear about your process. Is it all in the box? Also, what do you have your Digitakt hooked up to? Is something running on a MIDI track?


Thanks! Yeah DT is master to OT, AK and some other synths (as well as Ableton via USB just for tracking) - this is simply DT on its own though.

The processing here uses the Analog Heat on the main outs, recorded to Ableton. Then some light use of Ozone - EQ and limiter. Pretty simple, just minor enhancement


Quick BoC inspired beat, synth samples all created on the AK :


Cool. I’m a huge BoC fan and have been considering an A4 for some BoC-type sounds.


damn this list and set breakdown is choice!!

Thanks HS!




Here’s another one, this time a little more aggressive! I did the drums and sample in the Digitakt again and added some synths in my daw…


And a more Lofi type one:

The lfo detuning the sample makes a good vinyl flutter effect like the sp 404 btw…


C est le bonheur des Français !! Et de nos oreilles :wink:


So good wow


That’s cool! How have you programmed the organ line? Is it one long sample on one trig, or is it plocked over all the trigs in the track. It sounds very smooth


Wow these drums are knocking hard!!! How did you do that?


Thanks dudes! I sample everything through an sp 404 which i use for some EQing but most of the sounds are just sounding good because of the digitakt I think. I love the sound of this machine, it adds some kind of nice sizzle in the high end.

Right now I usually just use long melodic samples which i p-lock to the trigs with different start points instead of chopping and saving different parts of the sample. After i have a nice sounding trig I p-lock it and then move the start point of the general sample of the track for my next slice, so i can actually hear what i’m doing without having to play through the pattern. If elektron adds a zoom function to the source page i will keep on doing this, otherwise i might start chopping after recording. Which method do you guys use? I’m hearing some great tunes on this page!


love it!


Glad it’s not just me hearing something special in the drums. Keep it up @Sleepyhead