Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Quick live beat with the Digitakt


hip hop type beat, made with my takt - just playing pattern chain, no performing in this.



This is definitely the closest I’ve come to making hiphop- with the digitakt it just flows out. Having recorded this, it doesn’t feel like I made any decisions in this- just a “through me” kinda deal.


Nice lazy feel to the drums.


I think I was channelling mellow Prefuse 73 from Vocal Studies :smiley:


Here’s something I came up with the other night


Another quick live beat :


Oh damn! Yes! Yes- that is the stuff!


Thanks! :pray:t2:


Did this quick one this afternoon :slight_smile:


Love it! Nice work.


Very nice @Le_filou!


Thanks @starmanwarz and @DimensionsTomorrow !



Just added you on SoundCloud. (I think, there are a couple of Le Filou accounts. Are you the one in the UK?)


So sick


That’s the one, I need to update it with more recent stuff. Most of the tracks on there date from my trusted MPC1k/Ableton combo, then came the OP and more recently the DT :slight_smile:


A little bit of sampling with Digitakt :slight_smile:


Nice one!


Thanks @DimensionsTomorrow :slight_smile:


Whatsup guys! First post here… I’ve bought a digitakt 2 weeks ago just to do hiphop and just found out about this thread. Here’s one I did today, the bass and guitar were added in my daw, the rest is straight from the digitakt.