Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Next sat I’m opening for the one and only Jonwayne when he comes through town with a Digitakt only set. No big deal! :joy:


Not sure if he is on here, but I follow Tigermoth on IG and his beats are so refined and wonderful.

The things he does with MDUW, importing samples with a bit of silence added in front to bring in more micro-timing-esque groove is genius. When you think about this technique on DT, and some subtle LFO of the start point to get some additional groove, the mind just immediately opens to the possibilities.

Of course, his DT beats just roll…
Dude is an inspiration. Follow him immediately.


Not entirely Digitakt, but some on this track I co-produced. We have a full length dropping next month with much more DT in the beats. On this one: DT sequenced the Volca FM, sampled PO-16 and handled the tom fills :slight_smile:



Jonwayne does DT-only live sets?? That’s very interesting, had no idea!

Good luck with your gig!!


I think I mis-worded… it was me who used the DT only :smiley:

He, however, used an SP-404 only!


He’s definitely an OT user as well!


Yeah we had a chat about that before soundcheck when he noticed my DT. He had the OT MKii on tour with him.


I remember seeing an Instagram photo of his DT before it was released. I was wondering if he was using it.


He said, “hey, I have one of those!” But he didn’t make it sound like he used it much. Went right into talkin about the OT and how he’s going to be working on a “DJ set” with 2 x OTs


Haha. Oh well. Reminds me, I remember seeing the Korg ESX-1 in that iconic photo of J Dilla in his LA studio/apartment. I was hoping someone would uncover how he was using it, but unfortunately his health deteriorated quickly after that photo was taken.


A couple of WIPs.

Still struggling to add variation. A song mode would be nice.


Well first off, hats off you opened for one of the Lofi hip-hop kings. How did it go?? Did you film/record anything from your DT only set? And how long did you play for? How did you manage transitions? Were you on 1 project with 127 samples?
I’m aiming towards a 1h-1h30 set soon. So far 7 beats and using less than half the sample limit. À la less is more.
Dug out this bad boy and the DT sound quality makes it a keeper. Everything sounds amazing on the DT.


Thanks! It went pretty well! Unfortunately, the bulk of the crowd didn’t show up until after my set, so the room was a little sparse. Wouldn’t be the first time though! No proper video or recording. My brother recorded a bunch of video from my first DT only set the week prior, but it’s on FB only. I’ll try to post some of it here soon.

And how long did you play for? – 30 mins

How did you manage transitions? – A few different ways. Sometimes I adjust the tempo to try to blend to the next pattern, sometimes ctrl-all reverb-delay levels to get a cool wash, sometimes just
a hard cut. I do a lot of muting and usually mute all but 1 or 2 tracks as kind of an intro to each new “song”. Definitely not as seamless as sets with more gear have been, but still sounds good!

Were you on 1 project with 127 samples? – 1 project only, but I ran out of sample RAM at 110 samples. Still more than enough to work with. Below is my “repertoire”. I keep this sheet on stage and I play whatever I’m feeling. With all of this, I could probably play 90 mins or more. I reuse a lot of samples within the project to maximize. You could easily put together the 60-90 min set you’re aiming for. I don’t consider the sample limit as much as the pattern limit, since you can do sooooo much sound shaping with the DT.


PS- love the SA-20! I bet it sounds awesome when sampled in!


Nice! It would be great if they could enable effects on the inputs. It would be dope to be able to midi sequence something like that and add the Digitakt’s delay and reverb (and hopefully additional effects some day).


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer! Sounds quite similar to what I’m trying to achieve and a totally agree with you… so much sound shaping with the DT!!


Sure but you add the effect once you sample in the DT and then resample! It’s endless


You may notice some similar pattern “titles”, those are ones where I reused longer loop samples. But switched them up to be totally different. I still plan to fill out the rest of this project!


Sorry, missed the midi comment. The SA20 has no midi whatsoever. Just a dodgy noisy mini jack output, which makes it authentically lofi at best.


ps - I posted this earlier in the thread already, but here’s a live recording from this summer. Same “repertoire”, but I only had 3 banks filled and used about half the RAM at the time. Not DT only though, had some help from the JX-03 and Volca FM.


My latest is a pretty hoppin’ track if I do say so myself