Hip hop made with the Digitakt

here’s a short one using the Bastl Thyme. Heat and Digitone are only for fx.
The tom fills are direct inspiration from Ivar Tryti’s beat techniques.

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I know some of y’all are probably already on this or something similar, but I’ve been using FL Studio Mobile as sample fodder for the DT. Decent FX built in, really easy to use and some pretty basic but workable sounds. For those on iOS you’ve got even more options for easy mobile sampling/sound design.

Small beat I made with Digitakt and Analog heat. I wanted dirt. I got it. Love AH.


Good trick. I don’t have smartphone but using computer as sample source. For a compact mobile setup FL Studio Mobile can do the job for sure.

Hey guys, another production of mine i did ONLY on Digitakt, Thats my favorite one and its on Spitify.
There is more to be coming.
Of course with the help of external gear like MicroKorg, miced up guitar amp and a Model D.
Have listen and get swallpwed :blush:

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Hey there!
I made two EPs with Digitakt only! Love the workflow.


That’s quality boom-bap. Thanks for sharing!

Edit: Kram is great. Especially “Maito” and “Afnood” - The BTTF sample is cool.

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Great work! I dig it.
So amazong to see peeps putting stuff on Spotify made with the takt. :blush:

117.3 Bpm F Key
All Digitakt All The Way