Hip hop made with the Digitakt

Thanks @HiGrade1 , I appreciate it a lot!

Amazing track @AldoVino

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a few i’m currently enjoying on this saturday afternoon. thanks for the vibes.

@luishouses @karlkante

  • getting tons of inspiration from this thread from all the contributors…
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Thank you man!<3

Very nice, love it

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really diggin the use of obscure reggae samples by @kuro

This was awesome! How do you do the multitrack finger drumming at the beginning? Thought only one track could be recorded.

Thank you! Actually this is the normal behavior of the Digitakt, it can record notes on several tracks at the same time. :slight_smile: I guess you can even record on several MIDI tracks at the same time if you got different MIDI sources!

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Sure, You can record many track at the same time from MPD226 midi fingerdruming

Wow, I feel so dumb. In my head I just always assumed when you record (not in grid mode) it recorded the current selected track. Just tried this and it worked - thanks!

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new single i wrote and produced! Everything on the digitakt as always, im going to be posting more stuff on here to get feedback, and get more familiar with the people on the forum. ya’ll lmk what yall think, and thanks for checking out https://soundcloud.com/apollox-3/feel


Very nice! I’m not sure if it’s my headphone or what, but I feel the melodie too loud and the drum beat to low volume. Maybe double check the mastering. But the track itself is very cool :slight_smile:

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Dope! Reminds me of Foreign exchange (the group with phonte in it) in a good way…

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If you like Phonte, I heard that Little Brother (Phonte/Big Pooh/9th Wonder) are working on new material… I’ve always been hugely influenced/inspired by his beatmaking, and the MC’s ability to flow with it.

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appreciate it! that means alot!

appreciate it, imma get my engineer to look into the mastering, i do notice my vocals are like a 1db bit too loud

digitakt jam
97.7 bpm

100% digitakt
record on Zoom H6

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This is great. I appreciate the super compact setup. Are you recording into a DAW for the purposes of posting video? If so, what kind of post-production are you doing, if any?

Thank you for sharing these btw!

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the DT really is a great instrument man well done

Hey, thank you! I do record into a DAW. For this one I recorded the DT, the Volca and the guitar separately. I do quite a bit of processing actually, basic mixing stuff like light EQ/compression, I also add the reverb in the DAW and use Ozone 5 to master the whole thing.

As you can see my workflow is far from being DAWless. :slight_smile: That’s not a problem for me as I like the mixing/mastering part a lot, but yeah it would be pretty tough to get a similar result in a live situation for example. I’m thinking about replacing the DT + looper combo by an Octatrack to streamline the setup even more and being able to apply FX and compression without a DAW. I would probably need to add $1000 on a fancy reverb and a quality limiter to get a polished sound tho. I don’t have this kind of money unfortunately, aha, plus the setup would be less compact!

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Great information, thank you for the response.

I think the finished products sound pretty polished already, so if I can help dissuade you from dropping that much money, I would recommend it, haha.

I do like the idea of going DAWless, but I’m in the same boat as you, although I’m not as focused on a live performance as I am on recorded material. Since I have limited time and space to work on my projects, it’s important to me to be able to write and record quickly and efficiently, so your setups look pretty inspirational for that kind of thing.

Thanks again for the detailed response, keep up the good work!

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