Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Hi, this thread is fire!
So I am posting my first single made solely on Digitakt, tracked to ableton live for some additional mix.


These are dope! Very creative.

New one for insta tv. All made with the Digitakt only. My s/o gave me the idea to make beats based off of subject words and so far it’s been an awesome and rewarding challenge


Thanks, mate!

Hey guys I finally hooked up my guitar looper to my Digitakt and came up with some lowkey/jazzy hip-hop :

Bass is from the 0-coast, Digitakt is sequencing the whole thing. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


is your name a lil ugly mane reference? i hear some shawn kemp in your production sir

Hey guyz, here is another attempt at live-looping hip-hop with the DT as the brain of my setup :


Nice vibes on these :heart:

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New instrumental I did on the DT


Wow that’s super nice, the end is a bit abrupt but the bass sounds awesome, keep it up!

@spikysimon Thank youu<3

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This is pretty magical. Nice work.

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Wow! I am so tired of hearing this human colostomy bag talk but your track is so good I voluntarily listened to him for 4 minutes and 13 seconds. Really well produced!

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I was pretty inspired going through this thread tonight. I decided to put some new stuff up on SoundCloud. All these tracks (except the one called “A4”) were sequenced on the DT with additional processing in Reaper and a few little synth bits from a Sub 37. Thank you to everyone who has posted tracks here - it’s pretty cool to hear all the different ways this machine gets mangled.


Thanks for the feedback!

https://soundcloud.com/apollox-3/3am-throwaway a little throwaway beat i made with the digitakt, no outside sources…

I listened all your tracks. They are all awsome :slight_smile:
I have to tryhard the DT more

appreciate it, it really made me a better beat maker, the “restrictions” that people complain about, i actually love because it keeps me on my toes creatively.

@ DimensionsTomorrow
@ Sleepyhead

Ur beats = :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

Hey guyz, here is a new live-looping hip-hop jam :

The Digitakt handles the drums and is sequencing kinda everything. I think I was heavily influenced by Little Simz’s last album GREY Area, this album is soooo amazing, the production is so crispy and mellow at the same time, love it<3