Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Ha thanks !


I’m not sure my latest track counts as hip hop, so here’s my next to last track. I was experimenting with different ways of recording my bass guitar and creating patterns:


Reminds me of Shigeto’s work. Great job!


Thank you! I had to look him up, definitely gonna take a listen :slight_smile:


Enjoy! Shigeto has some incredible works.


Guess it’s time for me to join this. boo boom-boom-bap!

here is my first completed production entirely done inside DT. mixing etc. was done inside ableton.


Very nice, I really like it!

This thread is golden, keep it up everyone!


Sounds great!


Thanks mates. I like the other posts, too. I’ll try to keep contributing to this thread :slight_smile:


And here we go, first beat made with the OT… Still old school, still dusty, still boombap!

Besides the stereo sampling and the slicing, I’m not taking advantages of the OT yet, but woaaah, mad potential.


Sounds great! But I just can’t help but feel like Hip Hop should only be made on an MPC :grin: Maybe it’s because I’ve used MPCs so long and there’s such a huge link between Hip Hop and the MPC. It just seems like it’s better designed for making Hip Hop beats.


@Sleepyhead Finally took the time to listen to your beattape in full + your last beat… So dope! You definitely have your own sound. Also, love your drums… do you sample old breakbeats?

@TheYkeLigne Yeaaaah, sounds really good!


A fresh one I just finished. Unfortunately I’m sick at home, but at least I had some quality DT time.


@Kuro Thanks man! Glad to hear you like it. I use variety of drum sounds, both from old breakbeats, sample packs and actual drums i’ve recorded.
I feel like the main thing making my drums sound good is actually the digitakt, because it allows me to finetune everything like a mad man (timing, amp and filter envelope, pitch, start/end point etc.)

@DataStrain I like the build up on the drums/percussion on this one!


Thanks brother! It’s always a pleasure listening to your beats. You’ve got some of the smoothest stuff, my man.


This is super-dope. Could imagine really raw raps over this.


Thank you! Something about the DT brings the old school boom bap outta me. That’s why I love using ot with my 404 also. Such a great way to get old school vibes.


hiphouse jam on Digitakt 100%
record with Zoom H6


This is my attempt at involving the DAW a bit more in the music making process. I usually do everything directly on the Digitakt and only use the DAW to record and add a limiter, but this time I used the piano roll to make a few piano loops then sampled them into the Digitakt.

So far I’ve also recorded bass, flute and guitar directly into the Digitakt. This time I played the bass guitar through the DT and into FL Studio, where I added compression and overdrive, then sampled the audio from there back into the DT. What I ended up were a bunch of piano loops and a bass loop that I could slice and rearrange.

The drums were made all on the Digitakt. I made a tutorial on how to do it, if you’re curious: https://youtu.be/YSCrbF-u7gE


some hiphop/electronic/chill/beats
all made with digitakt