Hip hop made with the Digitakt


“Phonk” beat made on Digitakt


Haven’t heard your beat yet, as I’m at work right now - but just wanted to say that your setup seems quite nice! I have the DFAM too and will get my Digitakt later today. Really interested in the Magneto as well. :sunglasses:


Hi Haugis,
Im very happy with the magneto, its well worth the rackspace and price. Sounds much better than a spacecho. You can use it of course in more experimental ways than I did. My favorite detail is that you can tune the echos with 1V/Octave.



My first try at making and uploading a youtube video :sweat_smile:

Live lofi hiphop using the DT and my moog grandmother


This is great. @goatofneptune gets my vote! I’ve been toying around with using Trump samples to create a track. One day. :relieved:


Lofi hiphop with the DT playing drums/samples and controlling the moog grandmother:



All digitakt all the time


Sounds really cool! Makes me think of .clipping and busdriver a little.

Here is some awesome hip-hop made on the Digitakt as well :

@luishouses is that you?


been learning a lot from the forum in the past month. finally sharing something


New DT instrumental, this time featuring my moog minitaur and some guitar


First beat I’ve put up in a long time. No Digitakt in this one as I was just trying out my new Arturia Beatstep Pro, but I figured I’d throw it up here anyway.


This is great. Love it.


Great drums on this one!