Hip hop made with the Digitakt


“Phonk” beat made on Digitakt


Haven’t heard your beat yet, as I’m at work right now - but just wanted to say that your setup seems quite nice! I have the DFAM too and will get my Digitakt later today. Really interested in the Magneto as well. :sunglasses:


Hi Haugis,
Im very happy with the magneto, its well worth the rackspace and price. Sounds much better than a spacecho. You can use it of course in more experimental ways than I did. My favorite detail is that you can tune the echos with 1V/Octave.



My first try at making and uploading a youtube video :sweat_smile:

Live lofi hiphop using the DT and my moog grandmother


This is great. @goatofneptune gets my vote! I’ve been toying around with using Trump samples to create a track. One day. :relieved:


Lofi hiphop with the DT playing drums/samples and controlling the moog grandmother:



All digitakt all the time


Sounds really cool! Makes me think of .clipping and busdriver a little.

Here is some awesome hip-hop made on the Digitakt as well :

@luishouses is that you?


been learning a lot from the forum in the past month. finally sharing something


New DT instrumental, this time featuring my moog minitaur and some guitar


First beat I’ve put up in a long time. No Digitakt in this one as I was just trying out my new Arturia Beatstep Pro, but I figured I’d throw it up here anyway.


This is great. Love it.


Great drums on this one!


Lazy Saturday beat.


Completely made on the DT


Finally sold my DT and my SP… an OT is on its way to fill the void! Yay, slicing (and so much more)


Reminds me a lot of Teeth by Shlomo.


Let me know how it goes! Been interested in this switch myself.