Hip hop made with the Digitakt


This sounds dope! Gave ya a follow.


If you don’t like the SP FX then I don’t see any reason not to trade up. You’ll have basically the same sequencing and sample mangling but in one package. The ONLY thing I can think of is the keyboard range being smaller than the DT.


@DataStrain very kind, thank you.


Yeah, loving the sound and immediacy of the DT as well, but I like microchopping and flipping samples in intricate ways… slicing would really be a plus for the type of hip hop I do. Plus the OT could be my mixer as well… and I’m always looking for ways to reduce my setup.

But on the other hand, OT seems quite complex and I don’t have much time to make music.

I think I’ll keep my DT for now and try to dig deeper into it.


The sunny and warm weather we had yesterday made me want to do some outdoor sampling and beatmaking. I made a little video with the process and the track I came up with:


Love this machine. This one makes use of resampling on the DT to layer the snare(s).


Nice track!


Thanks so much :pray:t2:


love this! great groove with heaps of variation and a pleasant musical sample. nice to see Kali present as well :slight_smile:


Thank you ! :pray:t2:


Hi, i really dig your drums! can you tell us more about it?
is that coming from a 3rd party soundbank or is it personal recordings?
anyway what a nice groove on this beat!


Thanks man! I appreciate your comment a lot. I dont recall what I used exactly on this track, but I usually use a combination of drumsounds from samplepacks, chopped drumbreaks and sounds recorded from my own drumkit. From what I remember the thing making these drums sound alive is using a different snare sound for each snare in a 2 bar loop. I think I sampled different snare sounds from one drumbreak. The same thing works for hihats, I ofter just record a bunch of hh sound and lock a different start position to each step to achieve a live feel. Another way to do this is use the lfo to adjust the velocity or filter in a random way.


yes! I do this sometimes.
I use random shape lfo on start position
with depth at . something very low
this make the snare sound different
each time it hit.
Also lfo on frequency or tune
again low depth is great for hihat
or rim


This is my first piece of Elektron gear. I’m having a LOT of fun with it! Here’s a short loop I made with the factory samples for drums and synth, while the bass and guitar were recorded directly into it (without going through an amp or preamp first!). Looking forward to the day where I’m comfortable making changes on the fly :slight_smile:


Here’s a fresh one from last night


Some lofi hiphop made on the DT




This has nice mood going!!


Just DT with minor help from 0coast


polished off a couple of the beats from the past
couple of months and made a little release
“Stray Beasts”

It’s all digitakt all the time.
Just put zero in pay field to DL