Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Me on Digitakt


Dug the beat around the 6 min mark, good stuff.


Took a min to get there. I’m going master this thing


Hey there. I dug your video of you wailing away on the monome. :slightly_smiling_face: How did you get into using one? And to try to keep things on topic, do you see yourself integrating it with the Digitakt in any way?


I seen daeulous using one years ago then found one in a guitar center years later. I’m trying figure a way to use with digitakt but right now I’m just trying have digitakt and MPC Live combo. I actually tried to sale them before and no one showed interest so I was like I should learn this. Imma nerd for music gear


STBB submission is another crunchy
minimal hphop 100% digitakt jams!


Back in the DT beatmaking game! Boombap business as usual, raw and a bit rough mixwise, but eh…

It’s been a while since my last time in this thread. I’ve got quite a playlist to listen to and comment.


I would like to share my lasted video. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


That drum has a lot of energy, love it! Great track bro :slight_smile:


Thanks ! :wink:

Really like the chill vibes in your track, can see myself walking in the night listening to this (even better, skateboarding in the night to this).


Latest instrumental from my project Sketching in Sound. Made on a digitakt. More electronic then my usual productions but still hip hop based.


I’m very glad this tread is so active. Very nice beat @Kuro , its giving me major jedi mind tricks vibes… @luishouses great vid as always, i’m following on yt. Did you do this one completely on the dt?

I will hopefully post some tracks this weekend, you guys inspire me! can’t wait to turn the machine on again.


The result of a Saturday messing around with my guitar, keys and digitakt…


“STYL” - Beethoven Vs Bruce Lee (feat. Nelson Mandela)

All Digitakt All the time



Really cool and diverse work on here!
Here’s a beat I made with the Digitakt…




Some boombap, all DT


Dubby Downbeat vibes…


not really hip hop but close. digitakt+sp808+mb+volca


100% Digitakt
minimal jam