Hip hop made with the Digitakt


This 100% DT?


Ah, nevermind, I see the answer already :slight_smile: Dope!


Yes. All DT.


Made this joint with the Digitakt. Enjoy your sunday.

Kid Bunka


^^ digging that


this is hella dope!


Thanks man. Gotta get back into making tracks.


Just did this one: Used the digitakt purely as a sequencer to sequence the zoom sampletrak:


minimal hiphop beat
made for stbb submission this week
100% digitakt (record with zoom h6)



Very nice sounds! How is the combination with the micro granny working for you? Does the piano/harp sound come from the granny or the dt?


Thanks, harp is a sampled 50s swing orchestra music from YT. About the granny - first I thought that I won’t need it anymore since I got the DT, but it’s really a thing of its own. It has nice Midi implementation and being able to plock it is very nice. It’s also so lofi and gritty that it’s the perfect food for my analogue filter/drive vermona box. I won’t be selling it anytime soon, that’s for sure.


One I did today (any other Dutch people here?)


Liked it! Jazzy sound.

Greetings from Den Haag :slight_smile:


minimal beat at 72.6bpm
this week stbb submission


@Sleepyhead, very nice stuff!!!


Crunchy minimal beat at 95.6bpm
all digitakt all the time!


Trying to do Old School Hip Hop/Electro Funk stuff. First track… I’m a total Newb… :sweat_smile:


Just got mine today but I posted some first beats to instagram, I’m a hip hop producer check my ig officialtarikh


Anyone using external controllers with the Digitakt?