Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Very nice


Boom bap is still strong among the 'nauts


This is honestly one of my favorites so far out of this thread! Great work!


Excellent! Loving the vibe and the visual.


Great beats Yabba!

Here’s one I did yesterday, digitakt+sp303+minitaur+guitar


Here is another flip. Digitakt with ableton FX to sound like sp 404


Love the music and the video is awesome as well! Would buy your vinyl.


Playing Digitakt live.


Very nice beat! How do you play the sample?


Sorry about the poor quality but had so much fun!


This is way awesome


What fx did you use? Loving the vibe


Woah! this is a nice wee number. Been watching those fingers and wondering what/when you’re triggering the sampled track loops.


Three knobs for the beat repeat, one to activate + filter, another for team of repeats, and one for decay. One knob for High and Low frequency kill + reverb. One knob for low pass filter. Stuff like that… All mapped to midi channel 16 of the digitakt.


A more trappy track:

I don’t wanna triple post, but that chill track by luishouses is seriously amazing. God job man!!


yay, my return to the boom bap :wink: Couple of beats I made on the digi


Lets revive this thread!

Another digitakt boombap joint i did today!


I got inspired yesterday and made this :blush: have fuhuun




Nice one @Jack_69!

Here’s one I did yesterday