Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Hey thanks man…no its all Digitakt


a lot of digitakt on this with a sort of experimental swung hip hop vibe. analog blaps. later tracked through ableton. named after a quality beer.


Some really nice beats on here, :slight_smile: this is something I’m working on.
sorry for the terrible quality on this


Very nice @Yabba! I like the drums a lot.

Here’s one I did the other day… I sampled some keys and synths into the digitakt and recorded drums & guitar in my daw to go with it


Oh gosh! You’ve mastered this instrument. Great performance!




is six minutes of jam from Digitakt
stbb this week


Do any of you guys also have experience with the op-1 for doing hiphop? How would it compare to the DT? I have the opportunity to get one for relatively cheap.

I love the DT and would change anything about it except for maybe adding battery power and a slicing function, both of which the op-1 seems to have… are there any downsides?


I would like to know which one people seem to prefer… I’m torn between them too. I’m a bit leaning towards the OP-1. I feel it sounds really unique and nothing out there, vst or hardware, that sounds like it. The Digiton IS special, but I feel it doesn’t sound too different than other synths, it appeals to me as a good Digitakt companion.


As someone who sold an OP-1 for a Digitakt, I much prefer the DT. I mainly make Lo-Fi hip hop and chill ambient pop.

Personally, I could never get along with the tape function of the OP-1. It was nice to sketch out ideas, but it was impossible to put anything resembling a live set together. I realised that I much prefer Elektron sequencers and the live flexibility that they allow.

The DT doesn’t have slicing, that’s true. But it still gives you a fair amount of control over the samples.

The Digitakt recently got a compressor too, which IMO is far superior to the OP-1s.

I would personally recommend a Digitakt and Digitone over an OP-1. As a combo, they’re pretty much unbeatable.


I guess this is hip hop

I’m obsessed with that San Fermin track “Oh Darling” so I played around with it in the Digitakt


This is the second thing I made on my Digitakt. It’s a jazzy/hip hoppy instrumental.


This is the first thing I made on my Digitakt…


OP-1 as a one stop lofi beats prod/live machine, all day. I got the DT as well and liked it but I found the workflow to be complicated in comparison with the op-1 which always fun. Also not being able to tap slices on pads per track on the DT isn’t great. I appreciate there are ways around it but it got the better of me, coming from a MPC background.
Also the OP portability (battery + size) kicks everyone’s ass out the window.
As for livesets, I organise my op-1 produced loops on ableton live (mostly levels and space management to cram as many beats as possible) and end up with about 25-30 looped beats on the tape.
I find the tape absolutely amazing for live tricks, the more you use it the more they come.
Anyway, for the sampled beats I make, the op-1 is perfect.


Thanks for this great reply… i’ll probably end up with one soon, as the idea of having a truly portable beatmaking machine is just awesome. I also used an mpc 1000 for years, and expected i would miss using the pads to play sample chops, but so far the dt is my favourite piece of gear ever. The control over details in terms of envelopes, filter and microtiming are so immediate and usefull that the dt to me is the most usefull sampler ever. If i get an op-1, it will not be at the expense of my dt… :D. As you own both: how are they working together? Or do you mainly use them on seperate occasions?


Some Modbap flavour this time around

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Some more boombappy type hiphop, all digitakt, running samples and controlling a moog minitaur…


Here’s one I’ve been working on today :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like a Final Fantasy Hip-Hop remix :slight_smile:


Did another today.
The quality is bad as I’m just using my iPhone mic.
I’m just waiting on the elusive “O” before I record and master anything and in the meantime I’ve got two dozen not quite finished beats lol