Hip hop made with the Digitakt


nice beats as always, been rapping on them. kills me sticking within the 8 bars though, you do a lot of short beats. not sure if thats just because its how you like working or its to avoid repetitiveness. I don’t know if you rap or just make beats but from rappers perspective I sit with a beat looping for a long time as I write, what might sound repetitive to you generally isn’t going to be nearly as repetitive to someone hearing it for the first time, and in particular rappers wont mind the repetition. add a second verse sometimes, even if its just a repeat of the first with a little variation.

and also I don’t know if you intend on people rapping on your beats at all, and you might well be a rapper and not even need the advice. basically all i’m saying is I like your beats a lot, I just wish they were longer


Thanks for the kind words! Yes i’ve been working with mc’s and singers for about 10 years now, and i’ve more or less decided to not overdo my beats the moment i make them, because this often lead me to spend hours and hours trying to perfect them, only to completely redo them once the lyrics were recorded.

So i taught myself to look at making the first draft of my beats as a kind of very slow performance/sketch/snapshot of that moment in time, which is why they’re often kind of short. Once someone chooses to use one of these sketches, the proces of ‘producing’ the song starts, in which i add stuff, and make them into a longer and more logical structure.

It’s cool you’re using them to write, in which case im sincerely sorry for them being too short :joy:
Can i hear some of your stuff anywhere?


No worries man, understandable. Makes sense to work that way. I don’t really post stuff online, partially cause I’ve been working towards a bigger project with a couple of people and partially cause I don’t have the setup to get decent takes right now, my only mics an SM7B and the outputs dead low, need to get a preamp. Tried pushing it through the pre’s on my interface and boosting the gain in logic but there’s too much hiss once it’s at a useable level, plus my on top of that my space isn’t treated at all, Once I get my shit together I’ll post some stuff


My Digitone finally arrived 2 days ago! In this clip I am just muting sounds and bringing in. There is no real eq or mixing. Started w a jazz sample that I destroyed on the Digitakt then I added kick and snare. Laser sound is a MIDI track from Digitakt to Moog. Then Digitone adds alternate lead vibes. Bass is MIDI track from Digitakt to Prophet layer A. Last, final lead is MIDI track from Digitakt to Prophet layer B.



pure digitakt, this week stbb submission


yeah, it is a really nice jam man!


Hello Digitakt friends, my name is Stainlexz.
This is a little foretaste for my coming project - Beats exclusively made on Digitakt.
Check this out.


And another, this thing keeps getting better. Thank you for the Compressor !


Excellent, love it :thup:




digitakt track made under 1 hour
this week stbb submission


This is a little downbeat/hiphop jam we played on 2 Digitakt’s.
I really like the new compressor. A bit of glue or heavy pumping, everything’s possible. Didn’t expect Elektron to come up with a new feature. I hope it’s not the last one. Stereo sampling would be great. :smiley:


New one I just made, completely on digitakt and some guitar added


fun with the elektron digitone making non metal fm noises, the elektron digitakt doing drums and glitch perc, prophet rev 2 adding extras, and a moog subsequent 37 adding vibes, however this one is all tracked into ableton. experimental slung bass beats w/ hip hop influences strong.


@verbmusics > feelin’ it ! Brainfeeder-ish vibes on this one !

@Sleepyhead > superdope, might be my favorite from you ! Digging that menacing / more cinematic vibe, kinda old spy movie meets hiphop.

@Dr.K > for some reasons, it reminds me strongly of early Kode9. Must be the sparse, spacey composition, the dubby stabs… Really nice !


Thank you! Yeah, now that you mentioned Kode 9 i can hear it too.


And here we go: time for a new beat, fresh from the DT!


quick beat vid


Nice minimal and gritty vibes on this one. Do you send the DT output to the SP?


stbb submission