Hip hop made with the Digitakt


I’d be down eventually, but I’m traveling a bunch for the next month, so I can’t at the moment.


Received my Digitakt yesterday, made my first beat, i guess we can call this hip hop.
The DN + DT combo is a lot of fun !


I really dig your style.


Thank you my man!


Never tried my hand at a hip-hop track, but I just got a Digitakt and thought I’d try. Here’s a work in progress…

Samples originally from song: “The Girl from Ipanema”, jazzy guitar samples are me, piano sounds, etc. are original Morphagene samples I’ve been playing around with. Enjoy!



Two more I did, completely done on the digitakt, dsi tetra and some vinyl…



a little glitchy lofi beat. no eq or post just digitakt and some blown out tape : )



Here is a new beat I uploaded today

🚀 New track!! Getting more and more into the Digitakt. Track starts with a sample from the movie ‘I Love You, Daddy.’ Youtube link in bio...

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damn that Hey beat is just sheer fiyah!


hello everybody.
I have been making some digitakt only stuff, most remains in the machine waiting for OB!
To get some out, started submit for STBB sometimes.
Usually work fast, make nice minimal beat, jam it out live from Digitakt, post.
Have add random movie quote at head and tail from “Galaxy Destroyer”


Just discovered this thread and loving the tunes!

For hip hop made with the DT, I’m curious if y’all are predominantly using live or grid recording mode? I’m accustomed to the MPC workflow for beats, so I love (and miss) velocity-sensitive pads (for Dilla vibes). Any recommended workarounds or techniques?


I just make the drums either live with each drum on a separate track, and adjust with micro timing. Or put trigs of all the drums on one track and adjust with micro trigs as well to create the off beat feel, and then I go one by one and adjust velocity after as you cant do it live on the digi.


jam along beat from digitakt add atmos and cut sounds from atmos
(record it on H6)


Hi quick one with sp404 on effects duty


I kind of want a 404 just so I can bang stickers all over it, I’m too precious with elektron gear to do it. Saw your other rythm roulette style video before, cool stuff


hey man thanks alot…same here would never put stickers on any other gear too especially elektron haha. Thanks for watching bro!!


Just made this one, completely digitakt except for the scratches


Nice! I love the more mellow and jazzy end of things, as well as the synthy end. This kind of blends the two. My son actually makes tracks similar to this.


Here is this week stbb submission
100% digitakt

also this week have dropped a digitakt only
beattape on Audiomack, BC, soundcloud
called “Twin Tigers at Lucky Morning Gate”