Hip hop made with the Digitakt


Go ahead man! It doesn’t have to be “only” DT. It’s all about having fun and making cool music!


this might fit in here… something i’ve been nodding along to tonight… DT-only, just one track, param-locked sample switching and lfo loop length weirdness for in-out shuffles :wink:


sounds really interesting


quick one


yup :ok_hand:


Damn dude! I know I’d be very pleased if I made a track like that! So good- I would pay for an album of stuff like that!

Excellent job! Keep ‘em coming!

Also: I want an Octatrack now


Thanks @Ryan , that’s very kind :slight_smile: I have some stuff that goes in that direction floating in the internet, I can PM you for some links if you’re interested.


Enjoyed that


Nice, glad you liked it


Sock it to me!


tracks I’ve been working on for an upcoming EP with a rapper from Seattle

Trap-ish downtempo beat


I bought the Digitakt planning to make house/techno type beats mostly. I dont’ even listen to that much hiphop. But I don’t know, after playing with it for the past month, all I wanna do is synthy chill hiphop beats. Stuff you guys been posting is dope as hell1!! funny that I’m seeing a lot of the people I have been following in other places here haha.

I will share this:

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i seem to be already following you on instagram… nice stuff!


my usual slow synth funk. Digitakt on percussion/drums (super simple), Dsi Prophet’ 08 and Moog Subsequent 37 are everything else, recording in Live 10 with mild verb.



killed it


@devonwho and @Goobies, fantastic work!


Another one I made last night with Digitakt, Prophet '08 and Subsequent 37



Made with Digitakt + SP404SX + Keystep + Ableton. I’ve only ever made loops alone in my room for no one to hear ever but this is the first track I really tried to put together and share.


Is anyone down to start some sort of weekly beat battle? Winner makes next weeks sample pack sort of thing?