High Sierra

Hello there @elektronauts :slight_smile:

I’m wondering on the status of OB for current mk1 users. Is there any reason not to upgrade to High Sierra at this time?

Any news to report with the current Beta? Is it working or should we wait? Have not heard an official word on this from Elektron and wondering whether or not to hold off upgrading as the release is probably a couple weeks off…

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Sierra completely broke OB for me. Can’t see how a newer OS would help. For me at least

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In my case, Sierra fixed OB. :confused:

By the way, I’m seeing reports which say that Ableton is a bit crashy on High Sierra. That might be the beta versions though.

It just randomly stopped working for another mate of mine too. He hadn’t even tried to update OS.

Yet, there’s at least one thread here which shows many people working fine with Sierra. I remember well, passing information from other web-pages on how to make it work.

Part-way down this thread, we collectively got things going quite well with a work-around before a Sierra compatible OB was released.

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I wouldn’t upgrade unless you absolutely had to.
I have a major live show next month, I’d rather cut my own hands off than upgrade before it


Plus the timing is not the best as high Sierra will be there between September and December. (this FALL) so there’s chance Elektron roll Overbridge in the same period so i think it will not be compatible with High Sierra 10.13 but More with Sierra 10.12.6 (no spoiler here but speculations)


i am still to this day clicking “remind me tomorrow” when sierra tells me to update. i restored to the version where OB was working since that newer broke OB because apple changed something in USB to some kind of standard they did’nt have before. and now there’s a even newer os update? i don’t have a dedicated and offline computer for music and i need OB so it seems like some of us will have to hang back and keep clicking “remind me tomorrow” as a part of the daily routine :slight_smile:

Ya my guess is Elektron are working the DT as newer versions of the MKii boxes for High Sierra. Probably a release/fix in October. But maybe all the hardware releases will take priority. Either way, I always love to be on the latest OS myself, but not if there’s problems.

When OB was broken by El Capitan (released in September/October) it wasn’t patched/updated until February despite being touted as “imminent” in November.
Maybe it’ll just work with High Sierra, maybe Elektron has learned and has a dev team that can iron out any quirks quickly this time around - but history shows it was pretty painful with El Cap.

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Access are saying that there shouldn’t be a need to update their drivers for High Sierra. …but like I say, the DAWs might need an update due to reports of crashing in Ableton.

September, the 25th is the public release date for High Sierra, HPFS new file system and iOS11.

I think the most noticeable update is the iOS one. iPhone and iPad user will enjoy iOS11 and I hope developers integrate iCloud Drive as nicely they done the job with Dropbox it will cut down the cost for iOS music makers with app to store their sample. Now iOS get a real file manager… (it’s the beginning of something) iPad Pro now should be like a small laptop now (always sticked with iOS app of course)

No big change for High Sierra, except for the new file system it’s make copy multiple file and getting informations files to show/copy instantly… it’s very impressive. it’s with no doubt an improvement for people who deal with huge sample library. Video guys will like H.265 video encoding coming embedded with the OS. Metal 2 will offer some refinements for app developers as well.

Photos app gets more editing features… But I still not convince. Anyone serious with its RAW files probably stick with Lightroom or ON1 Photo RAW, Corel Aftershot or Capture One Pro… and of course : Photoshop !

A bit of security added to Safari (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) and Mail app is improved on the database management with 35 percent less space, with iCloud file sharing with generated link for share.

Also High Sierra will be the last one OS to accept 32 bits software.

SO not that much interesting features except if you have some apple devices and you like apple ecosystem and want it all at unison… of course, it must work better all together by updating everything. But, we really don’t know the Overbridge results with High Sierra. As it’s released in 10 days, if Elektron plan to let it go Overbrige in December they may have time to fix few things and get it work on High Sierra… We will see !

OS system number as usually, 10.13.5 will be considered as the most STABLE version and the recommended one. When the OS arrived to that number generally all app are READY. That’s usually the moment to think to made a Clean image disc (Ghost, Backup… Whatever your called it) and it’s usually more or less 6-8 month after the Release Date of the first OS version 10.XX

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This drives me crazy about Apple and I’m really starting to think about parting ways with them after my current gear starts to show it’s age.

I got an email from them stating my logic9 will be broken if I upgrade. Yet, I know damn well, it will be this upgrade nag uber persistent.

And I’ve read apps like samplr will NOT work on ios11.

Developers should now have access to High Sierra. Wonder if anyone’s tried OB yet?

High Sierra has been released. Any comments from Elektron? Has anyone tried it? Bugs?

They have had access to the betas for months.

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The delta changes in the betas can be radical. Driver level stuff can be dropped in as an experiment, then removed before release.

I can understand why companies wait for the final release.

I installed High Sierra on my laptop last night and will run a few tests when I get chance. I’ll only update my Mac Pro, if things are looking good.


I’d advise caution and would strongly recommend waiting for the first significant OS updates for High Sierra to drop before even considering the upgrade… Unless you enjoy tinkering/troubleshooting and dont mind screwing up your machines.

Will not touch iOS11 until 11.1.x update either, regardless of how bad I want the new files thingy for my iPad… Once bitten and all that

For what it’s worth, Virus Ti is working OK with Ableton 9.7.4 so far.

I wouldn’t take that as a green light to update though.

Edit: Preliminary tests on Overbridge are also looking good.