Hidden & Revealed

**Sound Packs for Digitone** [Eraldo Bernocchi](http://www.eraldobernocchi.com) is a veteran in the fields of experimental music, ritual ambient, soundtrack work, doom and just about any other genre out there. Bernocchi has managed to squeeze magical - and highly original - results out of the Digitone for not one, but two exquisite sound packs: Hidden and Revealed. The first part, Hidden, contains 128 original sounds. As the title hints, this is an obscure and profound collection. There’s a generous helping of bass, kick, noise, percussive, and pitched selections here, perfect if you like your FM sounds dark, hard, and heavy. The second part, Revealed, contains 118 original sounds and acts as a perfect counterpoint, thematically and sonically, to the murkier Hidden. Included are plenty of pitched, melodic sounds: oodles of organ, space, bell, and pad sounds perfect for dreamy, lush soundscapes. Download free demos and purchase [Hidden](http://bit.ly/Hidden_2QMvlFs) and [Revealed](http://bit.ly/revealed_2qQUyn8) at [Elektron.se](http://bit.ly/H_R_2BapqET).


Just wanted to say Revealed Demo #1 is awesome! Love that grit.


I am amazed there isn’t more feedback on these guys, supurb sounds and realy distinctive- A must have for Digitone Users IMHO!


also really dig that demos! great stuff!!!


The Hidden demo tracks are really selling me on the Digitone. Sounds great.


Both of these soundpacks are superb. I had a lot of “didn’t know Digitone can sound like this” moments parsing the presets.


These are really great!


yeah good packs! Just like the d(tones) pack, there’s some very unique styles offered


Thanks guys! I’m really happy you like them