Hey, it's me again, sad ambient guy

Took a summer break from music making, but suddenly got some inspiration from Maniac series, and decided to put it to use. Made with OT, one sample, 4 flex machines, 4 neighbors


Very nice, reminds me of a lot of the stuff I used to listen to around the turn of the century like oval and fennesz.

I like it. How are you doing that stutter thing? Every time I try it I get nothing but harsh clicking, sounds horrible!

I don’t know why but this track reminds me of my home country, England.

@Dormouse, you should put all your soundcloud ‘R’ tracks on Bandcamp as an Album. I would buy it. Solid stuff!

6am…coffee…strong rain…just what i needed to get back to my OT… Thank you sir !

@Microtribe Yep, that was the plan, this album is definetely happening, most likely this fall. About the stutter thing - it’s an exteme timestretch. If you’re getting harsh sound, just keep changing the starting point until it sounds good to you.

@Fin25 Thanks a lot, that was the kind of a sound I was going for.

@ML yeah, the mood is spot on. And yes, OT is sometimes intimidating to get back to.

Thank you for your feedback guys, much appreciate it.


Oh no, am not intimidated ( although i should maybe :sunglasses: )… I meant that your music was perfect inspiration before switching on the… Beast

Wow, that’s really-really great! I’m currently addicted to the Replica album from Oneohtrix Point Never and your piece almost feels like a bonus track, thank you for sharing<3

(also this makes me want an OT so badddd)

This is gorgeous! :heart: Restrained and beautiful and yes, very early Oval and Fennesz before he went all shoegaze and widescreen. Also the first time I’ve heard the OT’s time-stretch used in such a pleasing manner - so really inspiring too.

Really really good

…the sad ambient guy…???..sounds like a damned good project name to me…u might consider, to take this as ur general headline for all what ur doing sonically…

Ambient guy, why’re so sad? No sad. No.

I think we all tend to gather here. Henlo 21991_ken_14_1
(another sad ambient guy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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@Zifor that’s a perfect album cover if I’ve ever seen one.

@reeloy you know, I might actually consider it, haha. This way people would at least know what to expect from my music :smiley:

@Anfim Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

@catbox Thanks a lot! You might want to check my other R-named tracks (and MA3.2), most of them feature heavy timestretch. It’s kind of a concept for this album I’m working on - creating something meaningful from very little source material. I know it’s nothing new, but it’s fun to do it anyway.


Its amazing how most people doing ambient simply wash the entire sound in Strymon Big Sky at 75% wet and let it ring out, but this is not that at all. Hearing true original ambient like this with its own unique style is wonderful. Now I gotta go find your other tracks.



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Good track–as said very inspiring. I haven’t made an ambient piece in a while and they’ve never been this pretty…

Truly amazing track!

Btw please don’t call yourself ‘the sad ambient guy’ it sounds like something from an infomercial. Go for something dreamy/techy/unpronounceable!


Foreign Quarters is fine.