Help with reverse cymbal

Hi all. Could anyone help me make a reverse cymbal sound? I’ve tried taking existing percussion and extending the envelopes but I can’t get it to work. I’m probably going about it completely wrong.

I’d like a reverse cymbal to build to a fill. So it should ideally last 5 secs or so.


I’d stop it with a yellock trig. :wink:
Complicated to reproduce a reversed attack, maybe not useful.

Obviously a long attack time, eventually an lfo.

Cymbals I made.

Matching Cycles voices using Digitone

Very nice but not at all what I’m after! It’s the reverse cymbal effect. Really tricky!

Just thinking, I wonder if it’s a case of having white noise, then using the LFO in one shot mode, where it effects the amp with a slow sine wave?

Wouldn´t a rising ramp wave be better for that?

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The ramp wave would be perfect in one shot because it goes up slowly, then immediately goes to zero. I’m surprised you can’t get this effect mainly with long attack and short decay/release on the amp envelope. I have accidentally made some reverse sounding stuff on other synths pretty easily. The elektron envelopes are somewhat unique, though, especially the attack.

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…end of the day, all reversing sonic simple magic remains a sample domain, i’m afraid…

I don’t understand. “Reverse cymbal”?
Perhaps get a cymbal and reverse it?
Or create white noise and apply a long attack?

This is the digitone not the digitakt.

Actually the long single shot LFO worked perfectly :+1: