Help with re-creating bass tone used by blvck ceiling

Been listening to this artist Blvck Ceiling and have been wanting to re-create this ominous bass tone he uses in a lot of his tracks but I haven’t really been doing sound design in a while and it’s just my hobby. So if anyone out there has any tips on how to create this tone using basically a 2 Osc Subtractive mono-synth? Thanks for any help. It comes in at about 22 seconds into the track. Base by BLVCK CEILING | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This is a screenshot of a patch that kind of sounds in the ballpark IMHO.

  • Oscillator 1: Pulse wave with approx 32% duty cycle.
  • Oscillator 2: Pulse wave with 25% duty cycle. 1 octave lower and less than 50% volume of the first oscillator.
  • Adjust oscillators and low-pass filter to taste.
  • Add chorus and/or unison to taste.

This patch has a fairly narrow sweet spot outside of which it looses the ominous tone from the Blvck Ceiling track you linked. It doesn’t sound great in higher registers either.

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Hey, thank you very much. I can work with a ball park start. From what I’ve heard of his use of this sound I think he just plays within a single octave, so once I get to that sweet spot I’m set. Much appreciated for your time in helping me out.

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Do you have access to Bitwig? If so, check out the stack bass 1 preset. It might be up your alley.

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It’s basically a Reese bass sound - a very popular sound used in drum n bass since forever. Check out some ‘How to create Reese bass’ tutorials.