Help with Elektrons, MIDI controllers, Overhub and iConnectMIDI4+

Hi, I´m struggling with this configuration.

I have a BopPad and, when I plug it directly to the computer, it works with Ableton and its web editor shows it is connected.

If I plug it into the Overhub and this into the host port of the iConnectMIDI4+, the BopPad appears in the iConfig, but the KMI web editor shows it´s disconnected. I configured the iConnectMIDI4+ to route BopPad to the Octatrack.

Am I forgetting anything?

Is the BopPad sending notes to the OT? If you’re telling the MIDI hub to route the data straight to the OT, then I don’t think the KMI web editor will be able to see it so it’ll say it’s disconnected. I think you’ll need to configure the BopPad with the editor when connected to the computer, then plug it into the host after configuring it.

FWIW I have never used my BopPad with a hub, but that’s what i imagine would be required.

Thanks. I tried to do so, I plugged the BopPad directly to the computer and changed its MIDI channel to 11 (OT´s autochannel), and set the A quadrant to send C1, C2 and C3, to test, but the OT doesn´t seem to be receiving data from the BopPad. I configured it like the Keystep, which is successfully sending notes to the OT.

Hmm, I see. Yeah, it should work. If you route the MIDI from the BopPad via Ableton to the OT, does that work? That would eliminate any weird setup issue on either device and narrow it down…

I´ll try it today but the syncronization of Ableton and the OT has given me some problems as well (I´m sure I´m doing something wrong).

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Hi spikysimon, yesterday I advanced a bit.

I installed the Snoize MIDI Monitor and tried different destinations in the iConfig for the BopPad. Finally I´m able to trig the samples of the selected track (if I select OT´s autochannel in the BopPad editor) or a particular track (if I select its MIDI channel).

I can control volume with the velocity and, for example, pitch with the radius but I have two problems:

1.- I don´t know how to send a “note off” message. Now the last note volume is stored as the overall track volume, and so with the pitch or whatever.

2.- I can´t use the editor when the BopPad is connected to the Overhub and the iConnectMIDI4+ so I have to unplug it and plug into the computer, change the settings and so on.

Glad to hear you are making progress!

I think that’s kind of how I’d expect it to work – I guess you mean that you want it to reset to a default value between notes? Or do you mean the note keeps ringing indefinitely? I’ve only really used it with one-shots on my DT so I haven’t noticed that as an issue.

Yeah, I think you’ll just have to deal with that if you want to use it DAWlessly. You know you can set up presets with the BopPad editor, though? You can send program changes with the OT to select them. So once you have a few different setting you want to use (using it like a hand drum, four quadrant drum kit, FX controlling surface, whatever) you can switch between them.

The response of the pad is ok, notes aren´t hanging indefinitely, but the value or, let´s say volume, not only applies to a particular trigger, it changes the overall parameter for that AMP page, and I´d like to only affect the trig. I saw in the Snoize that the Keystep sends a “note on” and “note off” messages when pushing a key, so I supposed that maybe after a note sent by the BopPad could be sent a “note off” message as well.

Now is too early for me to know what I want it to do, at this time what I need is to make several tries with different configurations and that means unplug, plug, etc. If the iConnect has audio pass through, can´t it let USB regular information pass through? I connected a mouse and it didn´t work, I expected it to work, is my first time with this kind of gear.

How are you doing it? Does it work better with the Digitakt?

I route the USB MIDI from the BopPad to the DT through Logic, like my main keyboard controller, which has the side benefit of meaning you can have the editor open at the same time for adjustments. It works really well with the DT IMO – I like that I can have say a hand drum with pitch changes towards the edge etc. I haven’t really used it to the max, though – it would make for an interesting control surface for a complex synth patch, for example.

I know the OT doesn’t have USB MIDI, but can you use your computer as host with the BopPad connected, and then send MIDI over USB to the iConnect and then onto the OT as DIN MIDI?

I think so, I have to try it with Ableton. The other day I tested only with the BopPad and Ableton and I could feel the latency, I tried to compensate it but maybe I´m not doing it fine enough. Without the computer the feel is very tight.

I don’t have too much of a problem with latency with my setup, but I’m not a real drummer and so my feel is probably not that great anyway! :slight_smile:

LOL I´m not a drummer, but if I fingerdrum I can feel the lag.

Yesterday I received an answer from iConnectivity, it´s not possible for the non-MIDI/Audio USB data to pass throug their box so I have to be changing the BopPad´s USB jack. What I have done is to connect another USB hub to the iConnectivityMIDI4+ USB host port and the Overbridge is now connected directly to the computer.

For now I haven´t liked too much the response I got from the BopPad triggering the Digitone, I´ll have to do more tests, but I love it for triggering samples.

I wanted to trig the Digitone (autochannel 10) but through the Octatrack (autochannel 11), as I do with the Keystep, but with this is easier to change the channel. I tried using channel 10 and 11, with channel 10 I can play the selected track in the Digitone, with channel 11 I´m having some issues with MIDI messages.

Here´s the answer from KMI:

“Those devices are not really USB hubs, but USB interfaces that have USB host ports. Most likely, those devices are assigning a port name other than BopPad in the OS. The Editor needs to see ‘BopPad’ as the USB port to connect.”

I think I renamed it as BopPad in the iConnect editor, I´ll have to check it out.

I´ll try to configure a quadrant to send a combo rec+play to the OT (CC 60 + CC34).

EDIT: Maybe what the BopPad editor needs to see is the iConnectMIDI4+ with the “BopPad” name as USB device, not in the iConnect editor…

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Doesn’t work, and suddenly I’ve understood why Elektron designed the machines to not being able to receive live rec messages, and it’s the right decision.

You mean Note 60 + Note 34?
Worked for me :
Pickup Machines - Instant Sequencer Start

I tried telling the BopPad to send those two notes out those two CC messages with no luck. But I think the risk doesn’t worth it so no problem.

Ah, now it works with the Digitone, the only thing is that sometimes a track doesn’t sound and I don’t know why, it’s like if the Digitone was loading a former sound or saved point, don’t know why.

Normal. :content:
You have to send CC59 to mimic Notes On

CC59 value 60 for combo rec
CC59 value 34 for sequencer start.

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