Help with a Second Hand Digitone to buy and warranty question

Hi, Finally stepping into the Digitone world myself but before confirm my intention to buy the chosen box I asked for a little video to check the machine is ok in term of ounds ( being second hand ) Anyone can PM me so that I can submit it quickly as I can see and hear an untitled sound on arpeggio and tweaking of a filter but does the machine sound like that when from scracth? sorry it does sound noob but jut want to make the right decision. Thanks and look forward to join the Elektron legion soon.

About Warranty, Assuming the person selling me the digitone has never registered his machine, how do I enroll for the 3 year manufacturer warranty? ( just in case ) I know it was bought a year ago. Thanks

Elektron’s excellent warranty is easily transferable. The original owner simply removes the serial number from their Elektron account at and you then can add that serial number to yours. It’s fast and easy and requires no intervention by Elektron themselves (though I am sure they’ll help you if you have trouble with the serial Number).

Thank Scot, what about IF the person has never add the serial to Elektron?

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If that’s the case, you’ll just need to add the serial to your own account.



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If it’s making sound it should be fine.


You can run test mode and check the log.
If no errors are reported, the machine is fine.
Hold Function key while powering up and then press Trig button 1.
Use Up/Down keys to scroll through the log.

Elektrons on the used market are usually in good shape, though.


I’ve got an an Analog Rytm 2, Octatrack 2 and Digitone. Granted all bought new but never had an issue with any of them. My fave is the Digitone… in fact I’d say it’s one of my favourite synths. Beautiful pure tones to gut wrenching noise in a couple of knob turns. Each to their own but I wouldn’t be without mine.

Edit. I should qualify the above by pointing out that I’m running the previous OS. I don’t want to upgrade if it’s gonna make my DN buggy.

Don’t seems to be allowed anymore to check the market buy section ?.. :neutral_face:

Make sure to ask if the unit has had any DSP boot failures. My experience is even a trip back to Elektron service boot issue was still present.