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Good day everyone. Can somebody tell me please. I’ve sampled a few waveforms from Nord Lead 2x to Octatrack. The lenght of the samples is 10 seconds. I use flex or static machine to load these samples but when i turn on chromatic mode of my triggers to play a notes and when i push the trigger a sample plays full lenght (10 sec). Can i setup a trigger like that: i push the trigger - samlpe playing, i release a trigger - sample stops , like synthesizer keyboard

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The described behavior can be achieved by going to the AMP page and reducing the RELease value. For example, if you set it to 32, the sample will fade out after releasing the key.

Please keep in mind though that the sequencer doesn’t record “note offs” when you record things in real time. It will put the triggers for the note start, but you have to tweak the HOLD parameter via parameter locking per step afterwards manually. (which sucks, I must admit, but this is another story.)

Via HOLD, you tell the sequencer for how long the “key” will be held down.

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thank you very much!!! it helps

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oh my god this is the conclusion I had come to but was hoping it wasn’t true

I hacked this with EPP midi processor. Receiving a note off, it maps it to a CC corresponding to HOLD with minimum value.


No note lengths for trigs :cry:

@DanJamesAUS What do you mean?
Amp Hold determines Trig playing duration, values are steps number. REL is added.

Note length can’t be recorded in live recording.
Midi trickery you saw, or it can be sampled.

There is only an amp envelope, there is no note length information
if i record a midi sequence from ableton to sample slot 1

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