HELP! NVRAM could not be restored

After downgrading my Analog4 to OS 1.24C the message "“NVRAM COULD NOT BE RESTORED” appeared on the scren.
To my complete horror all data had been erassed from the unit: patterns, sounds, kits… and to make things worse, my latest backup is a year old (I know I know, my bad…).
The topping in the problem is that this weekend I have a few kinda important gigs, so I desperately need to recover that data. Is thgere any way I can do so? Thanks alot!!!

that’s normal as the latter working project can’t be loaded into an old one

You can just load your previously saved 1.24C-projects from the +Drive. Projects saved in later OS versions won’t work with 1.24C.

Hi! How do I do this? it seems to me all the sounds stored in the Drive+ were erased as well…

Thank you so much for such quick response!

ask support what the best action is - there may be a way to reload the new OS to get access to your last project

don’t do anything rash - always backup what you’d be scared to lose !!

Thanks! Idid already send a tickect (1st thing I did) and haven’t touched anything on the baby ever since. I doubt between trying to reliad a project or updating back again… but I think I’ll take yr advice and just wait for the answer to come…