Help me install overbridge 2.0(Win) [solved]

Hi there,
I just installed, on a Windows operating laptop, the last beta version of overbridge, but it look like something went wrong. I tried to select my digitakt as soundcard in ableton 9 but the DT doesn’t show up as soundcard option in the ableton preferences menu. Also I can’t locate .dll files. The operating system is Windows 8 64 bit, ableton 9 32 bit.

Thx in advance :smirk:

Overbridge works separately to your sound card you don’t need to select it as a soundcard just use your regular settings… the dlls are in the steinberg folder in the c:drive

Ok…then i only have to catch the right .dll, set in my vst folder and run it as a plug-in?

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Now i see what’s could be the problem, my laptop does not have the minimum requirement of Windows 10.