Help me find this drum sound


Hello all,

I’ve always leaned toward this lo-fi drum sound, specific to Tycho, Emil Rottmayer, Forhill, etc. and I’d love to get some direction as to nailing it.

I have every drum sample on the planet but I know most of it is post-FX to get close. Most everything I make is hard techno so shifting to this lo-fi, 80s style drums has always been difficult for me to manage in my FX chain.

Any pointers?

For drum sounds, I usually use either my Machinedrum or samples in Abletons Drum Racks.

I have a feeling pushing these type of samples to the MD won’t work great due to the 12-bit conversion.

I travel quite a bit & am looking for something mobile I could jam with to create loops like this. Could I get there with a digitakt or volca (using the internal fx only?) while in my hotel room?


Which sound? The snare? All of them?


Can you post an example of your output? Maybe a few of us can chime in with tips to tweak towards that sound.


I think I’ve got the kick nailed but it’s mostly the cymbals & snares. I’ll be back home this evening and can record some of what I’ve got in regards to working towards this sound.


It might be related to the swing of the hats too, it seems like they hit the pocket in a pushed fashion while I’m trying too hard to have them quantized a bit too closely to the grid/behind it.


Tip if you have a big libary try XO XLN Audio this is dope really quick way to find similar sounds in the most cases i find similar samples according to reference and also most of the time theres no big processing necessary to get very close results!


This might put you in the right direction :

Your example sounds more saturated, and compressed to me, and there is ofcourse some echo on the snare, amongst other things.

good luck !