Help me decide my next Elektron

I’d say AR mkii for variety’s sake or DT for vast digital groove box sound design action

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Wow…thnx guyz for your kind words, your thoughts and recommendations!
…and I didn’t expect that so many of you will like the track.

You said a lot of insightful things, don’t know where to start…

  1. i’ve been thinking about Pyramid and Carbon, but still i know so little about them that i cant even decide if i would benefit for either of them and if yes, which one would be better for me. i’ll try to find some quality YT reviews tonight

  2. no OB on OT is not as big of a problem as having only 4 mono or 2 stereo outs but i could work with that until OT mk3 / OT2

  3. yes, i can imagine how crazy i’d be to connect OT and DAW with MIDI; i also have USAMO so it’s a plus but i don’t mind minor out-of-sync situations; it’s the cheapest humanizer :slight_smile:
    …i’ve never thought about controling SW with OT… Interesting! Also, looping between OT and DAW! Crazy!

  4. so far I’ve been recording MNM’s and MDUW’s separate outs to my comp and I’m planing to do that in the future, especially now after I’ve bought a new desktop comp (i7 8700k, 16GB of RAM, 4000 GB of storage). it’s just waits to be challenged!

  5. ok, i have to be fair with you (and to me), I’m not a big fan of analog synths; digital synths always sounded more interesting to me, more ‘deep and emotional’… so I’m not sure i’d ever change my MNM&MDUW with AR&A4, but i haven’t tried either of them, so i could be terribly wrong about this. now, to add one of them to my silver friends…hmmm have to think about it! and yes, if nothing else, then for variety’s sake.
    p.s. Out of all analog synths on the market, A4 and AR are definitly the first ones I’d buy.

  6. lol Tahiti or Cuba? sounds great maan! maybe i should really keep my money and spend it somewhere else. i do have very stressful job and i know i should travel more

Thnx, 'nauts! :heart::heart::heart:



OP is the original target customer of the OT.
You won’t find a better candidate.

The big question now is MK1 vs MK2.


If I buy it, it’ll definitly be MK2 :wink:

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Ahhh yes…
OT puts the “Tri” in “Trinity”… :wink:

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The more i think about it the more I’m closer to buying the OT… i guess it’s just a matter of time now. But let’s say I’m gonna decide tonight!


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after listening to your track, i am thinking OCTATRACK Mk2, for sure ! it’s a blast

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Big Kenny and wee sheena!


Hey peeps! Just wanted to share my decision with you…

I’m gonna buy the OT mk2.

I really tried to avoid it cause it’s not the newest concept around, it’s quite limited in many ways imo but i doubt i can find anything better in the HW world for what i does. My latest struggle was with the AKAI Force but I’m gonna go with the OT first and if it fails to impress me (which I doubt it will) I’d have to try the Force. That’s all from me for now…

Thnx everyone for your support!



Me again! :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what I had on my mind but at one point I asked you fellas ‘nauts “what time is it?” and everyone responded with “you need to buy Octatrack maan!”, so i did. And I’m glad I did! This thing has been spinning my mind ever since! I’m so happy I listened to you! I promise to report my artistic findings to you soooooon, very soon!

Besides that i have MDUW, MNM and OTmk2, Zoom CDR pedal, various soft synths, max and other extraterrestrial acrobatic soft environments i also have 700 euros to spare on shit.

:speak_no_evil: I had Analog Heat mk2 on my mind :volcano:

Please, share your thoughts! I’m trying to stay cool about it, to approach the matter without gassing :dash: , the way I approached the OT dilemma, if that’s even possible bc AH is really something that i cant say will transform my music as OT. Tell me if I’m probably wrong! But I have the money and can buy it! Tell me if I could buy something better for the money!
Pls x :100:

P.s. second idea was DN but im trying to push myself towards maxmsp and I’m afraid that new hw synths would be step into another direction but analog distortion could be something that’s still better analog (???) //yeah, not sure about that. Myth is still strong with this one!


Analog heat would be great. Machinedrum and AH is a legendary combo. You have the mono machine so I don’t think you really need the digitone. You can put the AH on master or as a send effects (cue or whatever its called on OT).

I’d also recommend looking at the AR/A4. AR stacking drums with the MDUW is A++. The analog and digital mix like nothing else. You can send the MDUW through the AR’s compressor to give it even more cohesiveness. A4 is a warm, super versatile analog synth, that can also do drums, and it has an effects processor which you could figure out how to use as a send effect through your octatrack. You said you don’t like analog synths, but right now my favorite combo is the MDUW and the Prophet 6 sent into it!!! The MD just gives it this super lofi but dreamy sound, reminds me of old school tracks.

So basically, any of the Analog series would be great for you. Now have fun deciding which one suites you best :smiley:

PS you also can step outside of elektron. Other companies exist you know :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! I always wanted to try it on MD. I believe it could lift it up to another level!
Regarding MNM… i agree! I’ve been using it for about 3 yrs now and i have a feeling that i still haven’t even scratched the surface of it. So, DN can wait. Same goes for A4 and AR.

Apparently! :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s say that other companies really exist… do you have any suggestions? :wink:

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No clue what you want and theres a whole lifesworth of gear out there, but you could go down the eurorack path if you’re ready. Your setup could integrate with it very well



I’ve bought MNN and MD bc of their unique synthesis engines and design. Nothing sounds like them and i really like how they sound.

I’ve bought OT bc of its design, versatility and bc i can load any sample made with aforementioned unique synthesis engines (or max, sc or any other recorded sound) and play with them in unique and fun ways. There’s nothing like it!

I’ve bought the Zoom pedal bc it’s stereo, it has 200 software pedal models inside and i can combine up-to six of them at the same time in any possible combination and I don’t sound like any other of 7 millions guitarists/syntharists on youtube that use the usual suspects pedals (read: strymon, eventide, ehx, boss…). So, i dont need another fx pedal bc this one is good enough and if’s not i have one of the best vst fx on the market. Maaaaybe, if is unique enough, like OTO boxes but i have a feeling that they are not versatile enough. (???) i mean, I wouldn’t mind having them but I don’t have money for all of them. 700 euros for now! Also, in the Zoom pedal i already have reverbs and delays but i don’t have distortion models in it.

OTO Boum is interesting but from what i can tell watching yt videos, AH is much more useful and fun and versatile for almost the same amount of money (+++ OB).

So, what’s else there…? That’s unique and interesting…

Yes, Wmd Geiger Counter! But it’s mono! I thought the new pro version will be stereo but it’s not! Geiger is my new word for a missed opportunity! :man_facepalming:

What else? Thyme? Ok. Kind of interesting but not much. It was interesting at first but the more I watched it the more it became boring, i dont know why. :confused: …maybe if I could try it…

This new pedal by dreadbox is boring to me even more! And non of their fx are more interesting than AH.

Erica Synths fusion box? Pfff! AH is still a better buy! Like 10 times! imo

I had a thing few yrs ago but i had to sell it bc i needed money… it was reaaaly great and i loved it but it was mono! :frowning: >>> Vermona Retroverb Lancet - that thing sounds soooo good! If it was only stereo!

What else is there? Thousands of pedals that are mostly mono. Few of them are stereo but usually expensive and not much versatile and usually made for guitarists.

What, what? I can’t think of anything else atm…

Apparently, OTO machines? are working on something new and will be out soon!

Re: modular
Oh god, no! That’s not for me. It’s just too boring to me! All those wires! and it’s too expensive. And… i actually like to make and to finish tracks! :slight_smile: i can clearly see myself spending thousands of monies, collecting modules and doing zero tracks! No! And modulars are repulsive to me in general. Interestingly, i dont mind maxmsp’s patching workflow…

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Lol…I also agree with this 100

You seem pretty set. AH would be good for you. I would also highly recommend upgrading your monitors/headphones, thats one of the best things you can do for your music :smiley:

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I did it again…

I’ve bought AH on thomann! :scream:

735 euros (with a protective cover)! Better be good AH!

Couldn’t find nothing more interesting on the net. Thyme was its best contender, with OTO Boum being second.

Edit/p.s. i couldn’t find much AH vs Boum reviews/test on the net, if any! Very few ppl tried both of them :confused:

yo! i have a question! …while i’m waiting for Ah to come i’ve downloaded the manual to prepare myself :slight_smile:

In the section about filters it says: ''It is possible to change the filter type even if
the filter is turned off.’’ How do you do this?

Also, is it possible to change filter type by jumping from let’s say the first one from the left to let’s say the 4th one? (maybe by holding an invisible function key and releasing it when you what to jump?:slight_smile:)


There are two buttons to switch towards left or right. Only one by one, you can’t jump from filter type 1 to filter type 4. Well, unless you use patches, which you can do very easily :slight_smile:

To switch the filter off, you press both buttons simultaneously. Once it’s off, you can still use the buttons to switch the filter type, as said in the manual.

Oh, and if I let the evil speak through me, Novation Peak and its hybrid tech digital/analog might very well be a sharp weapon in your hands. Just saying, in case your GAS hits again one day :wink: