Help me decide my next Elektron

Hello, everybody!


Help me decide which Elektron box should I buy next. I already have MDUW and MNM, both bought in 2016 and they’re my only hw gear. Up to 2016, I used a variety of diff sw, from Reason and Ableton to Max/MSP and Supercollider but after getting those silver boxes my production output increased significantly. Now I’m trying to combine the Elektrons with sw and I’m convinced that’s the right way for me, and… i want more life, father! :place_of_worship:

Regarding my music, I mainly produce ‘experimental shht’ and very rarely a ‘poppy and listenable’ electronic music that could be categorized as ‘genre specific’. I’m a total amateur and a mediocre, unknown producer who makes music for its own sake and for my soul only, so i’m not pushing any of ‘i neeeed THAT sound’ agendas atm, but that doesn’t mean i’m not gonna change my mind next week, or tomorrow morning. :star_struck:

What bothers me the most is that i don’t reeeeeally need anything, cause i could make music for the rest of my life only with MNM, combine MDUW and i’m busy for an additional life, not to mention sw. But, hey, i have the money today and I feel I could be ready for an upgrade! :money_mouth_face: :blush:

Regarding versatility of the silver boxes… i made this track with only 2 channels of MNM (3rd was added only briefly), recorded in one take, pattern mode. (it’s also an example of my ‘cheesy poppy’ side):

Anyway, I’m inclined to Octatrack but I wanted to hear your opinion…

Thank you!:thup:


If your getting along so well with the silvers I think connecting them both to the Octatrack will blow your flippin mind… :smile:

Grab one, catch ya on the other side! :wink:


yes, the OT could be a big one for you. If you love the RAM machines on your MD you already have a lil taste of it.

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Thatz what i thought! Im gonna buy OT mk2 in the next few days. :elot:

Thanx guyz! :thup::thup:

…see ya on the other side! :wink:


Nice tune! 11:11

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I know you said you intend to mix HW and SW but I’d encourage you to reconsider and join @darenager’s “One-Year Octatrack Science Lab” that’s starting up in March (see thread for more details).

Your DAW will still be there next year. :grinning:

(By the way your Monomachine sounds fantastic.)

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Wow…That challenge sounds crazy maan! :star_struck: …i’ll try to fulfill it but i can’t promise anything :wink:

p.s. (Thnx!:thup:) monomachine is an endless source of joy for my soul :heart: :elmm: :heart:

Some very nice early Ae vibes man! Lovely! Can stand on his own, I would buy this on vinyl :ok_hand:
My best advice: Get an Elektron which can give you something extra, I mean midi sequecing, prob trigs/conditional trigs, scales? Indiv track speed? Fills? Bpm save per pattern? etc or get a squarp Pyramid sequencer or Octatrack. Just get Octa mk1 on the cheap, it will be beautiful next to the silver ones instead of that ugly mk2! Fits in a 3 tier rack! You can always sell it and buy the mk2 afterwards!

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Just remember there’s no Overbridge on the octatrack, so software integration will be limited.

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And that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, we like it, uh-huh uh-huh… :grin:

But really there is still quite a lot you can do with MIDI between the OT and a DAW…

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I LOVE the track you posted! Right up my alley :slight_smile:

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I just set the DAW tempo the same, try my best to sync em up manually, then zoom in and line em up…just like our fathers and their fathers before them did. Works fine for me :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with the lack of Overbridge, just saw that the OP wanted to integrate with software and may have assumed Overbridge support.

I prefer recording into a Tascam than a laptop. Haven’t even considered setting up Overbridge on my Digis and am saving up for an OT myself.

Less about me, go out and play with your Octatracks you luck bastards.


I sometimes control loads of plugin synths from OT midi tracks, send lfos to them, arp, plock parameters, etc. Sometimes I assign OT crossfader cc to control DAW stuff, sometimes send lfo’s and arp from DAW to OT, etc., etc. All at the same time maybe even.

You can run OT audio through plugin fx and use midi tracks to plock the fx parameters. This is just stuff coming from the top of my head. There’s a lot you can do…


You can feed some of the DAW tracks to some other interface outputs into OT and have it sampling and mangling those tracks from DAW and then from OT those mangled tracks are pumped back through plugin fx controled by OT midi tracks. Meanwhile the DAW could be sampling and mangling the OT… It goes on and on…


OT sucks. Sell MD and MnM and buy AR and A4. :smile:

Nah. I seriously think AR is better for me, instead of MD. But I have to keep that shit anyway. :slight_smile:

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I dunno, op’s music sounds great. I wouldn’t buy anything. Your good with the Silvers. keep your money


No way. Try something newer with trig conditions. :slight_smile:

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I don’t see this as a GAS case of wanting more gear… I think OP will multiplex those silvers with the OT and really be able to do some creative good things with them while being very entertained during the process. To the moon!

Whatever though, I’m not a gear pusher… :joy: Somehow I just get the telepathic sense that OP will be able to use OT to its advantages and not be a distraction…


oh yeah I’m sure. he just seemed non fussed about it, in which case why waste the cash

maybe a trip to Tahiti or Cuba or something could be just as useful

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