Help me choose a drum machine


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depends a lot on the style of hip hop you want to make.
90s boom bap —> sampler would be the obvious choice. Works with digitakt and octatrack, but a mpc or NI maschine might be easier solutions.

rather modern Trap and the like (please don‘t :upside_down_face:)… —> something like the roland Tr8s or the analog rytm might be great. synth drum sounds and the option to play samples.
Tr8s might be sufficient to produce whole tracks depending on the needs and looks very hands on and easy to use


Elektron Analog Rytm is definitely a great combination of both analog synthesis and sampling but not the easiest to start with. A newbie to hardware could easily be overwhelmed by the complexity. That said, whomever invests the necessary effort (and funds…) will find a fantastic instrument in it. Best drum machine one can get, if you ask me.


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Yes, without using loops.


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Keep calm, it’s a nice community. :okej: I mean, a Machinedrum is a great device, maybe not what you need, and it’s legit to make a offer. You don’t have to buy it.



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For strictly hip-hop i’d definitely go with either MPC Live (or X of course but $$$) or Rytm


while my rytm was in for repair I bought a Volca Sample and it really helped me understand my rytm more deeply when it came back home.

I’d recommend jumping in with a Volca Sample to someone just getting into gear.

You can learn cool stuff like looping short sample points, sample import, organization of said samples, sequencing, etc…


wow, some edit weirdness in this thread. i´m listening to some psykovsky tracks reading this (in another thread here they say thats good psytrance music) - elektronauts is an amazing forum :slight_smile:


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