Help me choose a drum machine


Want to buy a drum machine to which i can plug n play and can learn in few weeks and can start music production.


I have a mint MDuw from 2016, still under warranty and i could be yours for 2500 euros!


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@Hussnain2244 it’s your very first message on this Elektron-related forum. What do you expect posting like this, not even taking the time to present yourself nor your needs, or actually ask a proper question?

This is rather rude an attitude in every standards.


Could you please post pictures of yourself ? Are you in good shape ? Health care ok ? Teeth, eyes ? Thanks a lot. I’ll pay with paypal…How will you send yourself ? Ups ?



Well, people are not calling me Apollon for nothing… UPS’s fine! :wink:

Okokok… id give MD for 2450 euros! Last chence!


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Neither this is rude nor attitude.I apologise for not introducing myself. I am Hussnain.I want to start my electronic music journey.Have seen hundreds of videos on different controllers.Have seen many videos on octatrack and digitakt.Some people say digitakt is difficult from learning perspective and some says the other is so.I have just seen videos.Never used any midi or acoustic instrument before.I do rap and want to produce my own tracks.In a 3rd world country like Pakistan,Labels are not there.I want to produce beats for my tracks.


Good laugh actually is good for health.May you laugh like this. :joy:


Hi Hussnain2244,

You posted in the Machinedrum section, which is dedicated for that particular product, not all drum machines. so your answers may be somewhat limited by that.

If you’re just starting out, want something immediate and have an interest in Elektron gear, would you consider the Model:Samples?

While it does certainly lack some of the features of the Digitakt and Octatrack, it’s pretty powerful in it’s own right, and with it’s knob-per-function interface, is very easy to get working on.


A lot of Rap/HipHop musicians seem to tend to hardware like Akai MPCs and Native Instruments Maschine, if you need pads to play your beats in, the Rytm is the only option from Elektron. If you don’t need pads, you could buy the Model:Samples, Digitakt or Octatrack. It depends on your needs. What do you think would fit your workflow?

Do you need drum generators and/or pads? Answer: Rytm
Do you only need to trigger samples and look for a very “hands on” device? Answer: Model:Samples
Do you need to trigger samples, look for a “hands on” device, need to record (mono is fine?) and want to experiment a bit? Answer: Digitakt
Do you want all expect pads and drum generators, in stereo with a hell of stuff to experiment with, also arranger for whole tracks? Answer: Octatrack


Also have you explored using Ableton or Reason with a 25key controller ? You can get a lot done with that setup. You can then add something like an MPD218 for drum pads later on. I came from using software then hardware then A setup mixed between the two.


I want to make a beat from scratch without using samples.


I have been using Mixcraft 7.Using already made loops & samples to make new tracks.Also done using samples available in Launchpad app.But i never used any midi controller before.Thinking about to buy novation launchkey mini.


Samples are pretty common in, at least, American hip-hop- I’d be hesitant about discounting samples for percussion. Also if you want a performative element(pads) that’s more common in samplers(mpc)

Perhaps the Korg Wavedrum might be a good source for banging out beats(no sequencer though). There’s also the more commonly available Nord Drum 3 or the more acclaimed Nord Drum 2(with pads)—also no sequencer.

For synth percussion the Sonic PotionsLXR looks pretty top notch.

I’d say your best bet would be the Analog Rytm mk 2 which focuses on synthesis but the sampling capabilities are there to utilize and the pads(I think on the mk2) are at least playable


Simple answer. Rytm (if you want a Elektron box)

It would also be possible to create beats with the Digitone, AnalogFour or the Monomachine, but the Rytm is way more suitable for you i would say.


To be clear, do you mean without using loop samples or also without one-shot samples like a kick or snare drum hit?

Using no samples at all is possible but uncommon in the style you mentioned.


Guys, what are you doing here?! I’m trying to sell him MDuw for cheap! Stop offering him inferior suggestions!


Other options to look at would be either the Drumbrute or Drumbrute Impact from Arturia. Both are relatively affordable, analog drum machines.


for hip hop a sampler is a must i think. depending a lot on budget. computer and (free) software can help a lot to find hardware you actually want to have in “real”. pc, audio interface, mic, any crappy controller can help a lot into getting producing stuff. elektron hardware i´d recommend digitakt. it can sample ! not OT as first hardware !