HELP: KMI K-Mix mixer not working!

I bought a used K-Mix and it was working fine when I plugged it in and connected my Octatrack to it. I used it as a standalone device. But since then I can’t get it work. It powers on and off fine. I’m able to go into the software and set it up the way I want. But I’m not getting ANY sound out of it, when I select the VU button, there doesn’t appear to be ANY signal coming in or going out. I don’t hear anything either from the main output or headphone out. It worked fine as standalone until I decided to hook it up to my computer and try to activate the high-pass rumble filter. Since then I did I tried everything. Ive also forced a firmware update (although the firmware was already up to date) and still nothing! What could I be doing wrong? Thanks!

Try a factory reset if possible.


Duh! Thanks! I searched and searched for how to do that and finally tried it and it works now. I’m not sure why it stopped working anyway. All I did was link stereo channels and initialize the high pass rumble filter! Maybe I did something else too while I panicked, but not sure what… :-/

Hi I have a K-Mix… are you using the 1.35 firmware? The original cables? Or a generic one? Seems like bad cables are enemies of K-Mix causing issues

Also I suggest if problem persists open a ticket on the KMI

At the beginning I have some issues with the setup now is working fine with 1.1 firmware

I did a “force firmware update” yesterday so I assume it is the latest. I haven’t had issues since. I’m not sure what I did a few days ago to have it not make any sound, :-/

Hi you can check the firmware version on the editor

on the Mac on the menu go about K-Mix Editor

On Win I think is on the help menu

Based on what firmware you’re running read the document (version notes) that came in the editor you’re using that show the issues of that firmware so you’re aware what to avoid or not to do

what I think you do maybe by accident is

Probably you send a preset that have nothing so the levels are at 0 or check this part on the manual.

I have to say that a lot of the features are made thru the editor si I suggest you get familiar with this so you get the most of your K-Mix it’s amazing why a small unit can do…

Hope this helps Best

It’s been working like a charm! I pressed the wrong button or something stupid. It’s been a while since I wrote this thread. But yeah, the K-Mix is great.