Help getting CMI samples into my Octa

I’ve got the Arturia CMI V and it comes with all the original samples. Fun!

So I dragged and dropped the samples into my OT folder but they’re incompatible because they’re 14k, 32b 1ch. How do I fix this?

What audio software are you using? A fully featured editor like sound forge, wavelab etc will be able to handle this.


I use Studio One.

I was hoping there was a quick and dirty way to convert all audio files. If I have to do it individually then fuhgeddaboutit

A proper audio editor like sound forge (as opposed to a DAW) can do batch editing and conversion tasks like this no problem. But if you want something quick, free and fast, there might be something here that does the job…

R8brain from Voxengo does batch resampling and is free of charge


I would like to share some experience here. This is a odd format, and played on the original hardware, will sound as intended, probably with a character of its own that you would like to reproduce. Although resampling from say 48k to 44.1k would not alter the charcteristics of the sound in an obvious way, the conversion you are looking for definitely will. So I’d say that you’d be better off sampling the sounds you like most one by one using the original HW. BTW, you meant 32k sampling rate, 14 bits didn’t you? That’s the same format as the Roland S50/S550 I had ages ago, and having tried all sorts of converters to convert my old samples I figured out that none of the converters recognized the sample rate and all played them back high pitched, and only one player from decades ago (when Windows NT was current) called “Sampled” from a guy called Neurodancer was able to reproduce the original sound but it could not do the conversion. So I ended up resampling the most interesting selection by hand, playing back in Sampled and resampling on my SP16 which has a handy feature the OT doesn’t have: threshold-based recording trigger which made stuff easier because no startpoint editing is necessary: it’s “sample-rename-save” and repeat.



Sounds better. :wink:

Good luck getting a Farlight CMI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


True, (I missed the fact that Arturia CMI IV is a plugin emulation, I quit the virtual synth world ages ago, I don’t even read the news anymore), I thought it was a hardware clone, like all this “boutiques” and beh…models" trend ;-). I will be back after a coffee break…

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I use Samplitude for that. I’d try Audacity, seems to have batch processing.

Now that would be cool if they would make this kind of hardware clones^^

I recently changed from Audacity to Wavosaur, because it lets you set loop points for wav files. I was having trouble with AudioTerm recognizing single cycle waves.
Audacity AFAIK can’t do that.
So if you plan to work with single cycle waves and especially AudioTerm, better go for Wavesaur. It also does batch processing (and has the coolest name for an audio editor^^)

Audacity didn’t read my 32k 14 bit Roland samples at the correct rate. Don’t know how Samplitude handles it. But well, that is a suggestion at a 399€ entry point. Might be worth the time spent on doing this manually!

What about just sampling from the audio interface directly into OT?
I mean, Arturia did probaply emulate the converters somehow I guess. When the samples are 32khz 14 bits on the hdd, there must be some kind of conversion happening in the plugin probaply emulated to have the character of the hw.

That’s what I said (in some convoluted way, I admit): sample from the original “hardware”

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I tried Wavosaur for auto slices. Nice one.

Surprising. 32 khz is pretty common with old gear…

Read here 14 khz :,import-impossible-des-vc-du-fairlight-iix,post.9469840.html

Btw, if you convert 14 Khz 32 bits files to 14 Khz 16 bits they should be played in OT (with higher pitch).

@GirTheRobot if you can upload a file so we can try…

Ive got the Arturia CMI emulator in the latest pack. I too was blown away by the samples!

Sure give me some time.

It is something Roland wrote in the header, I was totally unable to hack it.