Help Figuring Out Factory Pattern A09 Resordon?

Hey all,
I am new to Digitone programming.
I am trying to figure out the A09 factory preset “Resodron”
There is a 4 Bar sequence playing, in 64 steps.
But, the sound on T4 (GRUMLIG JM) appears every 8 bar cycles.
How is this possible on DT? Why is the T4 double longer?
I don’t quite understand this yet.

Perhaps it’s a conditional trig allowing certain notes to sound off further along in the sequence. The Digitone can also do scale per track, so if a certain track is running at 1/2 scale, it is now an 8 bar sequence with half the note resolution.

This is what I can not figure out. I am banging my head trying to figure out the M.Legth, CH.Length. All the lenghts and scales on this particular preset are on the same lenght and at the same scale, 1x

So therefore, I am reading about conditional trigger, and see if I can repeat this type of a pattern in a new project…

I am still trying to figure this out. Also in A04, the preset TENSION, on the T4, the notes appears every four cycles, 64 steps go four times until T4 plays 64 step sequence and it makes pause for another four cycles. Anybody knows how to control this feature? I would even pay someone teach me this over Skype…

The feature you’re looking for is indeed conditional trig. Check out the trig menu. If you set the condition to 1:4 for example, the given trig will play on every 4th pass, starting with the 1st.


Amazing, thank you. I was trying to read the manual on conditional trig and it was a bit confusing. This answers my question plain and simpe.

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