Help! Digitone midi program change to external midi woes

I’m finding that when attempting to send midi program change via midi out to a drum machine in order to select a pattern it will only make the change after 1 bar, not on the first beat as expected. … Furthermore it only makes this change when a midi note is sent out on that channel. Is this normal?

i have the same behavior as for the trig, it has to have either a trigless or a note for the pgrm to be sent.
I am only using it to change pgrm on synth and the change occurs right away.

thanks for confirming that. didn’t see about the note needed for program change in manual. the drum machine pattern/program change issue seems the same on all sequencers- just thought micro timing might make the change b4 the 1 .oh well

I’ve also been working around this peculiarity of sequencing external gear. One workaround I’ve tried is having the program change on the MIDI channel before the pattern I normally use it on. Or using the trig keys to pay a note in order to initiate the program change. Also, using parameter locks to program in the change on a note (first note for example ) seems to work