Help Digitone - FX send

I am having an issue with the fx send, I can only use effects on the input L R

If I create a sound from scratch I cannot apply any fx - I apply the FXs but they are not present in the sound nd.

If I open a preset and there are effects in the sound they will play

Is there something wrong I am doing?

On the amp page. Press amp until you see reverb, chorus and delay. Then turn the knob for the effect you desire.

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Is it a routing thing? Like on the Digitakt, I’d go to Audio Routing in the settings, and make sure everything is going to the correct place. I haven’t used a Digitone though, so hopefully someone else will know for sure :crossed_fingers:

i have set up the routing to use global setting

Maybe this is the error?

This is the answer! Its not a routing thing.

And to clarify its on the amp page 2. Just press the amp button twice and you will find the FX.

I tried but I cannot apply any effect to a sound I create.

The fx are only applied to the factory preset.

If I connect a nord rack to the input the fx work in the master page

Any ideas what is wrong?

Have you applied the FX that’s on amp page 2? The master FX is only for instruments connected to the inputs. The FX on amp page 2 are for the internal sounds.

Yes I did

If I create a new sound none of the fx work

If I open a preset and the sound has fx, they work

Basicly none of the 3 fx work

I am using 1.21

I don’t think it is a dsp issue or a bug.

Any help much appreciated

For example the init sound is always a sine - I start working on the synthesis and come with nice results if then I want to apply effects I open the delay page and apply delay but this does not do anything, same for chorus or reverb

i found the issue!

i was not using those on amp page 2, now it is clear they way it works!

thank you!

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Hehe, you are welcome!