Help! Arranger Controlling Scenes

I’m pulling out my hair here. I’m trying to control scene position within the arranger, but something isn’t going right. I’ve got them all set up in their various parts and selected on rows in the arranger, but despite the scenes appearing to change, the actual parameters are not changing. Furthermore, I can no longer manually change my scenes effectively (scene changes, shows correct locked values, but audio stays with previously loaded scene).

I’ve tried erasing all of the scenes manually, saved the project with a new name and reloaded, tried adding both A and B scene positions, but nothing works. The arranger now won’t even let me do things the hard way by switching on each pattern. Any advice? I can’t imagine what I’ve done wrong. Do projects sometimes get corrupted? Nothing else seems to be wrong with my song.

It sounds like you may potentially have something else going on, but just to make sure we are on the same page, you know that programming scenes in the arranger doesn’t actually trigger those scenes unless you physically move the crossfader at the times those scenes are triggered, right? You can program the OT so that you have Scene 12 queued for rows 003-005, but you won’t hear those changes unless you move the crossfader.

Hopefully it’s something as simple as that :wink:

Thanks for the reply. I wish it was that simple, but it’s not. I’ve got the scenes set in rows as they should be, but moving the cross fader only effects one scene which is stuck and can’t be changed by holding the scene button and pressing the scene, or changed even by the arranger (changes are visible, but not audible).

Any other ideas?

Are the scenes muted? I think scene a/b plus function mutes/unmutes, (off top of head) but it might be cue.

Not sure if this is it or not, but you need to be in the arranger edit menu to make changes to the arrangement. If you are in the arranger playback menu and you change scenes that scene will be overridden by the scenes programmed into the arrangement.

I have the same problem. And its 2020.

Mki or mkii ? Latest firmware ?

Have you tried a new project ? Can you recreate your arranger error in the new project ?

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@glooms I found it happens with following setup:
A01 scn 1 / 9
A01 scn 2/9
Scenes affect a track where I have one shot trigger with a sample release set to Inf.
It seams that if a sample triggered in the first row cannot be affected by a scene that came in second row (here scene 2)

What helped was splitting it in two rows with A01 and A02 respectively, where a second pattern didn’t have one shot trig but an ordinary trig.

It all depends on what parameters you want to influence. For example: envelopes won’t change when they are already started/running.

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@macio please give more details, like Hold setting. If it is set to INF, played by the sequencer, Release change with scenes shouldn’t change anything, Hold having “priority”. (Different behavior with trigs 9-16 or external midi).

@tnussb can’t test right now, but theoretically a scene change should influence Release time, imho.

I want to influence xvol and rate.

Hold is minimum - 0.007

@macio, I made a test and apparently with Arranger scenes changes are not effective unless there is a red trig (or armed one shot trig).
Didn’t work with a trigless.

Possible workaround : use 2 patterns, use a red trig with 1ST trig condition for scene change and plock start if you don’t want to retrig the beginning of the sample.

Manually changed, my scenes on amp release / vol / rate were effective.


Many thanks!
Was scratching my head with scenes not being recalled on a “thru” track.

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