Hello world, here is a 40min IDM/electro live I did with mostly Elektron boxes

I’ve been feeling this setup a lot recently. Octatrack and Digitakt on drum duty, Monomachine on melodies, with Digitone visiting on couple of tracks. Then Arturia Microfreak sequenced by digitakt. Love the setup, fast and very inspiring! Very needed shift of working inside DAW only.

IDM pattern funk on 145bpm, played live at a festival we organize annually. Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Always a gamble clicking on something labeled with “electro”.
Like, is it gonna be akin to Benny Benassi or Aux-88?
I was happy to learn it was the latter. :grin:


agree to the ultimate most…Benassi …ouch!

Around 15 mins, reminds me of Drukqs. Nice work!

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Cool. Nice Aphex Twin/Trackermatte vibe going on.

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Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: I am pleased how it turned out! Octatrack on kicks, driven thru octatracks compressor were really massive on a big sound system :smile: And Monomachines sound is just awesome.

Going to add Waldorf Blofeld and Pulse 1 to the mix, trading them to Digitone which I’ve found to to be using less than the rest of the gear


Saw this live, was great! Loved the VO6 funk.

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Thanks @ess! I’m bummed I missed your set :confused: Hope it was enjoyable :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the VO6, guess you can notice it too haha

That was fun. Thanks!

It’s probably your choice to keep it dry but I would stick a lot more reverb and/or delay in there.


thanks @dtr :slight_smile: Yeah I kept it dry for the live set, I don’t usually use delay at all but reverb for sure. Will rework these to a release or two at some point after I am done making new patterns :smiley:

https://soundcloud.com/toiminto/pssd2 this one on the table atm. Octatrack retrig/comb filter/dark reverb automation <3

How much of this set is sequenced compared with playing live/improvising? I’m always fascinated by the balance that artists using Elektron gear have to think about!

I really want to perform a solo set of my own before the end of the year with various gear and my own vocals, so am wondering about the right level of risk to set myself in terms of instrumentation, while also cautious about it seeming like I’m ‘just hitting play’.

Hey! Everything is sequenced beforehand, but I don’t use song mode or program changes but instead I decide live the palette of patterns I use. The patterns on the different machines are loosely made for different parts, but I shuffle them around during live.

So what I do live is tweak parameters and add/remove triggers on the fly, record parameter locks live into the patterns (I keep copies of the originals in different banks so I can go back to the baseline after live) and switch patterns around. I had a loose idea of the structure but a lot was also decided live.

edit: forgot to mention Octatracks parts and crossfade which I use a lot. I have different samples on different parts in a bank, and I switch the sound palette around inside a pattern, and tweak multiple parameters at once with the crossfade.


I see the IDM legacy is in good hands here on Elektronauts.


Interesting! Thanks a lot for that. How much rehearsal do you do before a performance, do you think? And how long did the set take to put together?

I didn’t rehearse, of course been jamming with the patterns for some time now. I did a quick walkthru of the patterns while doing a soundcheck, adjusting levels etc to sound good on the large PA system

I started working on the patterns in april, so couple of months all in all. I’ve had a huge inspiration streak going on, now I’ve been doing new stuff daily! :slight_smile:


What I find very appealing and rewarding in working DAW-less is that every time I work my material it is in principle already a live performance. So while creating the material for a track I’m already, unconsciously, practicing playing it live and this creates muscle memory. The tracks get under my skin from repeated manipulations. It’s also easy to jump to patterns of other tracks to try out transitions and blends. I find transitions the trickiest aspect of playing live. I’m now trying a direction where the material is made up more of layers that can be blended in multiple ways than discrete tracks played in sequence, though I’m not very advanced yet in this direction.


Exactly what I am going for! To have layers that loosely have a “designated track” they belong to but can be very much mixed and matched with other/all tracks, and to create new variations on the fly. It is very rewarding to play this way (compared to ableton&maschine as my previous live setup)

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Loving the kick at 19:45.

Great set so far!

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I hear a lots of autechre monomachine 2008 sys in it. Was it a remix contest?

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I haven’t tried the sysexes at all :slight_smile: but yes, ae 2005-2008 lives have been a big source of inspiration!

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