"Hello Combinator" EP by "Cassilda and Carcosa"

Hi everyone!

Here’s a small EP that I officially released today! ( streaming platforms etc )

Genres: Brain dance/IDM, acid techno

Gear descriptions in the Soundcloud descriptions for each song :slight_smile: (lots of Digitone and Analog RYTM)



Thanks for listening :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work Cass! Got some solid FM goodness in there for sure. Beautiful outro on Starling 8. That acid line on Kestrel 2 is sweeet! Lots of nice breakdowns. This is a solid ep. Kestrel is by far my fave.

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nice EP and the mix is great!
Starlight is lovely.

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Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Nice! Your previous album Tubes Transformers Transistors & Tape was excellent and really great to listen to some of your new work :+1:t2:

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Thank you for listening to the current EP and thank you for listening to my previous one!

Tubes Transformers Transistors & Tape, was a lot of fun to make.

Great music! Thanks for sharing!

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