Heat vs strymon deco?


What does that do?
Is there documentation on these tricks?


Yes. It’s on the quick start. Secondary function on volume boosts/cuts bass and on the saturate knob it does this for treble.


The user manual & a good faq section are here:

All hidden controls are documented.


I like this pedal a lot - lushesly subtle - and I think to make it really shine one has to employ the “hidden controls”.

The only thing I (really, really) wish it wouldn’t do is when using the EQ, it wouldn’t affect the original signal. I love getting heavy handed with the “bounce”, but it is totally obnoxious when there’s any kind of bass in it. I think that would be asking a lot.

Anyway. Great pedal.


Oh, right, I believe I messed with those at some point. Good to underline this hidden aspect of the Deco, @Sternenlicht !


First jam with my new deco and individual outs processed through other pedals. Overall happy with it although i would prefer a wet dry mix (which i could with a mixer but i like keeping things small). Gotta check out the full strymon documentation. Thanks for uploading that.


Just realized that u have to remove the back to make it take stereo signal through an internal tab. Should have done it before the video. Oh well.


Switching it to stereo makes a massive difference


Same with El Capistan, night and day


Confirmed. Night and day. The massive drop in highs is gone. Still comes down a bit but not as much. Also made sure it was in studio mode. Sounds great now.


Studio mode?
Geez I really need to research my Deco


I don’t even know why there IS a mono option :upside_down_face:


Same reason there is a foot switch instead of a finger button.


Touché :slight_smile:


Finally got around to messing with the secondary controls. Definitely brought the highs back quite a bit.
The only part I don’t quite understand is the stereo widening thing. Hard to tell what it’s doing turning it left or right


Yeah crazy. All this time you have been mixing to mono. So much more open now.


No, I have mine set to stereo mode, definitely not mono, but not dialed in either.


Oh ok. I guess you moved the tab. Really liking the pedal.


You can get this with the Lag deck functions. Ensure WideStereo mode is off and with the Lag Deck engaged the blend function becomes a kind of Wet/Dry of the lag deck.

But I totally agree: a proper wet/dry mix would perfect an already great pedal. Does Strymon do updates?


Been looking at something like this for a while now, someone mentioned the El Capistan was a better investment. Has anyone used both and what do you all prefer?