Heat MK2 Windows 10 Audio Interface?


Hi Nauts,

i’m trying to use the Heat MK2 as a audio interface on Windows 10 with no success. The Heat is visible in the Device Manager with status Active and the “best available” driver, but Windows tells me it has no playback devices.

It seems, after reading some forum comments, that the Heat is not class compliant. If it is not, where do i get the driver from? The support area offers no driver for the Heat.

The support team is in holidays, so maybe someone here can help out. Thank you.


Unless Overbridge 2 becomes available (it’s still in closed BETA) you cannot use the MK2 devices as audio interfaces.

And before you ask: no, there are no news (since May) when it will become available to the public.




This is absurt

Friend of mine Just bought A4 mk2 with Overbridge advertisement on the box

Elektron is failing on this for a very long time now, But they keep on using it as a sales argument. Highly unreliable, especially since OB V1 was a disaster


not rly


It never worked for many of us, especially with the heat
I had it myself, I have a lot of experience with computers and ableton
Even at namm they changed their Macs for lenovo… it was not running well enough on a mac (to describe this positively)


@Elektron Is this a official statement? I don’t really need and care about Overbridge (the GUI stuff), i just would like to use the Heat as a playback and record device.

@DaveMech You are testing the Beta, right? Do you know if there is a Windows 10 driver to use the Heat as playback/record device? And if so, are you allowed to share it? Thank you.


It’s not an official statement. It’s a matter of fact.

Good luck to get an official statement. They are absolutely silent about that topic for more than half a year yet. And, no, people, who are part of the closed beta are not allowed to share the software (or any part of it). That’s what CLOSED beta means.


I see. I do not know that the Beta is CLOSED. And even if the Beta is CLOSED, maybe i have some luck and they will at least release or make available the audio driver part before the whole Overbridge application is finished. At least i had to ask for it, you know. :wink:


It surprises me that people still somehow miss the information about OB currently unavailable, even though the vast majority of information out there clearly states this. How is it that people keep missing this information?


I thought they had a statement about issues with multi platform stability.
I hope for namm
It can be painfull again
But I think it will work sooner Or later
And then it will be amazing
Especially with Heat mk2


I don’t miss this information, i know Overbridge isn’t ready yet. I don’t just understand why i need Overbridge to use the Heat as a audio interface. I don’t ask for the GUI or the VST/AU plugins, i just would like to use the build in audio interface of the Heat. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be possible to make a simple audio driver available.


Ah ok. Thank you, i haven’t noticed this statement.


Don’t take it as gospel but I have a strong feeling you’ll be able to use the heat audio drivers fairly soon. The beta is moving along and we’re getting the last “big” issues identified and worked on. Currently everything seems to work best with ableton but they’ve been giving us regular updates as we’ve been finding issues.


Is that similar to the Elektron “soon” that we got (what feels like) ages ago? :wink:

But, yeah, let’s see what NAMM '19 brings to us …


Well let’s say there are two phases of the beta left one of which is a public phase. I can’t tell you when they’ll feel it’s appropriate to move to that phase but it’s a lot closer than it was.