Headphone output problem

i am having a problem with my new octatrack mk2.
when trying to monitor/sample my electric guitar into input A, the headphones only output sound in the left earcup.
i can hear everything else in stereo, like the metronome and stuff.
i figure there is probably a setting somewhere that determines the headphone output that i’m missing. or a setting that changes the left and right of sample monitoring.
i’ve got the panning set to centre in the mixer menu. but i can’t find any other reason.
i’m using a flex track with a recording buffer assigned.

i can record the sample and play it back through both headphones by placing a trig in the sequencer.
it’s just when im trying to monitor for reference it only comes through the left ear.

i’m very new to this device. thankyou.

I guess you’re using MIXER DIR. No settings to make inputs mono.
But you can use a Thru track, select input A, (VOL+63).
Same for recording, in Recording Setup you can select Input A.

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ok i tried these suggestions. and i still can’t get audio input monitoring signal through my right headphone.
i created a through track and set INAB to A. still no fix.
i’ve tested my headphones and they work fine with other devices.

so, the OT doesn’t output to both left and right (when monitoring) through the headphone output if you are only inputting through input A?

but using a thru track solves this issue?

btw this is my first elektron box. and i only got it two days ago. thanks for helping out.

The Octatrack treats input AB and CD as stereo pairs when it comes to dir mode. Make sure you have a clean project and that you can’t hear your guitar at all. Then you create your thru track as @sezare56 described above. To hear anything you have to trig it, either by pressing the corresponding sample trig button (9 for track 1, 10 for track 2 etc. ) or by putting down a trig in grid record mode and pressing play.

Learning the Octatrack can be a bit like banging your head against a wall repeatedly at times but once you get over the first couple of hurdles it’ll start to make sense.


got it thankyou! i also figured out how to record the thru track to another track with the src3 function set to the track you want the thru track to record to.
my mic and guitar levels are still pretty low. might have to find a way to boost the signal before the OT.
i’m still not sure what you mean Kalle by putting down trigs or corresponding sample trig buttons though. i just hit track + record 1 and then edited the sample.

Thru tracks have to be triggered. Place a trig on the first step.