Having trouble changing patches on digitone synced to digitakt


Hi there,

I have recently purchased the digitone to pair with my digitakt. I apologise for asking what will likely be a very basic question with a very basic solution, but I’ve scoured the internet trying to find a solution and haven’t been able to, with my limited understanding of MIDI it’s also very hard to self troubleshoot!

So I have paired my DN with my DT using the instructions in the DN manual. All seems to work fine, however, I want to use the same midi channel on different tracks, and change the patch on different tracks, however when I adjust the Program value, it does not intiate a change of patch in the DN.

Anyone’s help with this would have me eternally grateful, I’ve wasted so much time just trying to solve this problem!!


What do you meant by change the patch?
If you mean change the kit on the dt from the dn, this is not possible, kits are linked to patterns.
If you mean change the pattern on the dt when you switch patterns on the dn, you need to enable program change receive on the dt, and program change send on the dn. Or vice versa depending on which machine you use as master. Those can be found under the midi options in the settings menu.


Cheers for the reply.

So I have the digitone on Midi track A on the digitakt. I then want to use the digitone to play a different sound on midi track B. I was assuming that I could change this via the ‘Prog’ option within the track settings? But when I do this, the sound doesnt change.

Apologies if this makes no sense at all, but hopefully it does.


Do you just want to play two different sounds or do you want all of the digitones 4 synth track voices and sequencer pattern to change?


On Elektron devices there is no way to change the sound/patch on a channel with “program change” like you can with other synths. With Elektron devices “program change” means “pattern change” (not patch change).

That’s simple. Set up one sound on audio track A on the Digitone and a different sound on audio track B.

Then just match the sending MIDI channel of midi track A on Digitakt with the receiving channel of audio track A on the Digitone and the sending MIDI channel of midi track B with the receiving channel of audio track B.